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Price: $16,750 | U.S. News Overall Score: 7.8/10 Some shoppers would rather not own a car at all, but they need one for work. These drivers are looking for something inexpensive and reliable. The.

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/ Tips and Advice / The Best Cars for Commuting in 2023 The Best Cars for Commuting in 2023 by Craig Fitzgerald Tweet "Commuter car" used to be a recipe for the kind of uninspiring, beige, ill-equipped penalty box of a vehicle that would make you hate automobiles on general principle.

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Anthony Sophinos Crossovers and SUVs may be in the limelight right now, but sedans are by no means down and out. In fact, they've gotten better than ever: between their performance, styling, and efficiency, the current crop of both mainstream and luxury four-doors are as well-rounded and sophisticated as they've ever been.

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The term has since been adopted by the general public and refers to good cars for long commutes. Best Commuter Use By Type Of Car That said, a commuter car is defined based on its use rather than its body type, powertrain or any other qualities of a vehicle. Let's take a look at how each type of car is best used for commuting.

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The Hyundai Elantra is a great commuter car for smooth sailing on the highway, but if you're sitting in traffic, consider something with better city fuel economy like the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. Power A powerful engine is good for more than just the thrill of speedโ€”it can also be a safety feature.

10 best commuter cars Car Keys

The best commuter cars are reliable, affordable, safe, and have great fuel economy. The size and price will depend on your personal needs and budget. Some of the most popular commuter cars include the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Rav4, the Hyundai Elantra, and the Honda Accord. Short of a house, the car you drive is probably going to be one of the.

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Best Commuter Cars for Carpoolers 1. 2024 Toyota RAV4. Best Value for Commuters: $29,985 (XLE) Base Price: $28,475 | Expert Rating: 4.6 IIHS Rating: Good Combined Fuel Economy: 30 mpg.

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The best overall Why you should buy this: It's comfortable, fuel efficient, and fun. Who's it for: People who spend a lot of time in their cars. How much will it cost: $20,800+ (sedan),.

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1. 2015 Toyota Prius Two. With 51 city/48 highway mpg and a well-designed interior, the classic hybrid is hands-down one of the best commuter cars. While a new Prius starts around $24,000, you can find a used model for under $10,000 if you look at older model years. Also consider: Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid.

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December 21, 2019 There are those who think commuting is a joy (Alone time! Peace and quiet! Podcasts!), and those who think it's a soul-sucking slog (traffic. bad talk radio. rising gas prices)..

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The best commuter car for you will depend on several factors. To help with your decision, here are some excellent choices that won't hurt your budget.. For many, a commuter car is a necessity.

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1. 2021 Toyota Camry 7. The 2021 Mazda CX-5 is a new SUV and one of the best commuter cars Price: $25,370 - $37,505 Fuel Economy: 28 Combined City/Highway MPG Safety: IIHS Top Safety Pick+, 5-Star NHTSA Safety Rating If you're shopping for the best commuter cars and would prefer a new SUV, it's hard to beat what the 2021 Mazda CX-5 has to offer.

Best Commuter Cars For a Less Stressful Drive

There are lots of qualities that make a great commuting vehicle. For example, it's easy to fall in love with a powerful, agile sports car ideally suited for a recreational weekend drive or a rugged SUV that can blast through mud puddles or scramble over boulders. But they aren't the best vehicles for your rush-hour commute.

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What's the best car for a long commute? We like the VW Jetta - it is small and relatively good gas on gas yet delivers a refined, comfortable ride that soaks up the road imperfections nicely. What is the most affordable, comfortable commuter car? The Volkswagen Jetta offers a soft ride for just under $20,000.

Best Commuter Cars For a Less Stressful Drive

7) Subaru Legacy. The Legacy is one of the roomier, quieter, and more refined midsized sedans, helping it become our top-scoring car in the class. Its ride is better than some luxury cars, and.

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1. Honda Civic Hybrid: The Smart Choice Current Honda Civic Hybrid Deals & Incentives 2. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: Affordable Comfort What's New for 2023? Current Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Deals & Incentives 3. Lexus ES Hybrid: Premium Commuting What's New for 2023? Current Lexus ES Hybrid Deals & Incentives 4.