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ontwowheels. My touchscreen and surrounding buttons on my 2017 GLI intermittently stop working and only a reboot (hold power button for 10 seconds) will fix it. But when I turn the car off and restart it, the touchscreen eventually stops working again. Even the audio controls on my steering wheel stop working when this happens.

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Unfortunately for VW, that hasn't exactly been well received by consumers. Owners have pushed back against the German automaker moving controls to the large tablet-like infotainment touch screen.

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Having Your Infotainment Screen Quit On You Is Understandably Irksome, We're Here To Help:

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Jennifer Mossalgue | Dec 19 2023 - 4:07 am PT. 113 Comments. In a strange reversal of plan, it looks like Volkswagen is revising its interior design. After a slew of complaints about its.

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#1 Hi, I've just become the proud owner of a 2013 2.0 se golf - 1 problem I have is with the touchscreen. It is not responding to touch on the right hand side ( left side seems fine ! ) I have looked on ebay and found lots of screens for sale from car breakers - my question is if I fit a replacement display unit will it need to be re-coded

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Keep the screen clean - Cleaning the screen from time to time using special touch screen solutions and microfiber cloths not only keeps it looking fresh for a long period but also helps in avoiding dirt and debris from sticking to it and later causing it to start acting up.

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2017 GLI - Touchscreen/Headunit Issues. Posted this in the VAGCOM forum as well but trying here as well. The radio boots up fine, and there is audio but the then one of two things happen. 1. The touchscreen is completely non-responsive, only the physical buttons work. 2. The entire unit is non-responsive, both touchscreen and physical buttons.

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Top Answer If the VW Tiguan's touch screen quits it could be due to a faulty wiring connection, blown fuse or software issue. Any malfunction of an electrical interface can be caused by a blown fuse. Consult the owner's manual for the radio or touchscreen's fuse location.

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VW infotainment and touchscreens: fixes incoming (Getty) Thomas Schรคfer: here to fix the infotainment issues The battle for physical and digital buttons starts here Many mainstream VWs suffer.

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Why VW touch screen not working? Here are 13 possible causes as to why your VW touch screen may not be working: Loose connection between the touch screen and the main unit Software glitch Damage caused by a virus Damaged display or circuit board from physical impact Faulty touchscreen driver Battery drain due to excessive usage

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#1 ยท Jul 21, 2021 The infotainment system on my Golf GTD suddenly stopped working after a brief stop. The screen logo appears as normal but then stays locked. None of the buttons either side work. The radio works but can only be controlled via the steering wheel control. Media does not work, even if a cd is inserted in the glove compartment.

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Why Is My VW Golf Touchscreen Not Working? GLI (2017) Fender Touchscreen not working Infotainment screen frozen after trying to switch phones Media Discover Touch Screen unresponsive in some places 2017 GLI - Touchscreen/Headunit Issues Problem with touchscreen/NAV screen Updating MIB firmware Some good news! Yes!

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Jun 2, 2021. #1. My 2016 Ocean media touch screen doesn't appear to be working properly. I have to tap the characters really hard when programming Navigation to get any response. Returning home on a fairly hot day yesterday none of the buttons Radio, media, phone etc worked either! This morning I have tried the equipment and it's working but.

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A reset or reboot will help to fix the touchscreen. Read on to discover the possible reasons why your VW Tiguan's touchscreen fails to work. Why Is My VW Tiguan Touch Screen Not Working? - How to Fix Here's a quick look at the causes of touch screen malfunction on a VW Tiguan and some possible fixes: Software Glitch and Update

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1. Doing A Hard Reset If you're a Golf owner with a broken infotainment touch screen, the first thing you should do is to try a hard reset. To do this, press the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds. This should reset the system. Some Golf owners said that doing this solved the problem. Others haven't had much luck.

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#1 ยท Jul 13, 2022 New member, 5th VW, love our 2017 Tiguan. The touchscreen intermittently stops responding, I've been doing some testing, mornings when the car is cooler, works fine. After work when its been sitting and the interior is pretty hot, no joy.