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We tested the VP113, which is an oxygenated fuel, against the VP-110, which is a very high quality standard race fuel. The VP113 is considered a 5-percent oxygenated gas, and we were.

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VP-110: LEADED/NON-OXYGENATED Usage: A high-octane, leaded, non-oxygenated fuel that bridges the gap between pump gas and C12 for use in stock or modded two-strokes. Preferred engine type:.

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WHAT IS IT? VP Racing Fuel's VPR blend is a 105-octane, leaded, ethanol-free, oxygenated, two-stroke race fuel. WHAT'S IT COST? $69.72 (5-gallon drum), prices vary with world fuel prices..

Oxygenated Racing Fuels New Fuel Hot Rod Network

Follow along while the specialists at VP Racing Fuels, Freddie Turza for Circle Track applications and Jason Rueckert for hot street cars and drag racing, explain the basics of racing fuel, what the terms mean, and how to pick the correct fuel for you needs.

Weldon Pumps, VP Racing Offer Maintenance Tips For Oxygenated Fuels

WHAT IS IT? T2 is a two-stroke racing fuel that is already pre-mixed with oil. It requires no mixing; just pour and go. WHAT'S IT COST? Approximately $61.00 in 5-gallon containers (Price varies.

Weldon Pumps, VP Racing Offer Maintenance Tips For Oxygenated Fuels

VP's T4 is an unleaded and oxygenated fuel that has a R+M/2 octane of 100 (this is the same rating system that you're used to seeing a gas station for pump gas), the motor octane is rated at 93. Price per 5 gallons: $55.00 - $61.00. VP's U4.4 is a leaded and oxygenated fuel that has a motor octane is rated at 103.

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Spark Knock, Octane & Engine Damage With the increasing number of enthusiasts driving and racing high-performance street cars, VP Racing Fuels recognizes the importance of having high-octane unleaded fuels available to meet the need. - Steve Scheidker, VP's Director of Marketing

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VP Racing Oxygenated Fuels. VP Racing Fuels offers a wide range of oxygenated fuels, both leaded and unleaded, for different markets, including racing, powersports, karting and even airplanes. Following are the popular drag racing formulas: Leaded. Q16 - Versatile with N/A, nitrous and boosted engines; 116 octane and highly oxygenated

Oxygenated Racing Fuels New Fuel Hot Rod Network

VP Racing Fuels' T2 blend is the company's latest concoction of two-stroke motorcycle race fuel. Unlike their popular C12 two-stroke fuel, T2 is oxygenated in order to create more power..

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Weldon Pumps, VP Racing Offer Maintenance Tips For Oxygenated Fuels

DIESEL FUEL TABLES Fuel Name 115/145 Color Purple MON - RON - (R+M)/2 - Specific Gravity 0.714 Leaded/Unleaded Leaded RVP - Oxygenated 0% Additional Info. Lean Knock F-3: 115 Rich Knock F-4: 145 Spec Sheet Spec SDS SDS Fuel Name Air Race Color Blue MON - RON - (R+M)/2 - Specific Gravity 0.71 Leaded/Unleaded Leaded RVP - Oxygenated 0%

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With all other factors equal, an oxygenated fuel like VP Racing Fuels ' Q16 variant can and will make more power in a racing application; however, there are important differences to note, especially if you've been working with a traditional fuel like the company's C16 dino-juice.

Oxygenated Racing Fuels New Fuel Hot Rod Network

The difference in price between the C16 and X16 only gets more expensive as the contents get larger. A 15-gallon drum of X16 is $196.50, a 30-gallon drum $379.50, and a 54-gallon drum $639.90. By the time you get to the 54-gallon drum, there's almost a $200 savings between C16 and X16. The largest drum of VP Racing Fuels' offerings you can.

Weldon Pumps, VP Racing Offer Maintenance Tips For Oxygenated Fuels

"The oxygenates used in fuels are mainly ether or alcohol-based molecular compounds that carry an oxygen molecule," explained Freddie Turza of VP Racing Fuels, San Antonio, Texas. "This enhances combustion and can assist the engine to become more efficient.

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HAND SANITIZER WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO STORE FUEL FOR THE WINTER? As the racing season winds down, your focus shifts from the track to preparations for the future. Upgrades, sponsorship proposals, and new builds are common top-of-mind topics. With all that, it's easy to overlook a crucial element: race fuel storage.