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2-door pony car Capacity 2 (driver and passenger) Appears in Grand Theft Auto Online [DLC] [EV/E&E] Manufacturer Declasse Prices Price $ 1,947,000 ( Southern San Andreas Super Autos) Variants & generations

Declasse Vigero ZX (Chevrolet Camaro) GTA V Criminal Enterprises

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GTA Online weekly update (September 17) brings Vigero ZX

Everything on the Vigero ZX Convertible vehicle in GTA 5 & GTA Online, including Statistics, Price, Top Speed, How to Get it, the Vigero ZX Convertible in real life, and more. Declasse Vigero ZX Convertible | GTA 5 Online Vehicle Stats, Price, How To Get

Vigero ZX finally released in GTA Online summer update DLC

HSW Declasse Vigero ZX - 157.5mph (253.5km/h) HSW Benefactor Stirling GT - 156.75mph (252.3km/h). Of course, top speed isn't the only consideration when looking for the GTA Online fastest car.

Declasse Vigero ZX Police [AddOn / FiveM Callsigns Livery] GTA5

Vigero ZX Lap Time and Top Speed (Standard and HSW) Lap time (Standard Version) - 1:06.249 (4th in Muscles) Top Speed (Standard Version) - 125mph (7th in Muscles) Lap Time (HSW Version) - 1:02.546 (1st in Muscles) Top Speed (HSW Version) - 157.5mph (1st in Muscles) Thanks to Broughy1322 Archived post.

5 reasons to own HSW Vigero ZX in GTA Online (2023)

1. Bravado Buffalo STX Lap Time: 1:03.463 The Buffalo STX is the best vehicle in the Muscle Cars class in GTA 5 & GTA Online by overall performance. The tested top speed of the Buffalo STX is 126.25 mph (203.18 km/h).

How does the Vigero ZX compare to other muscle cars in GTA Online?

According to the game files, the car has a top speed of 98.15 mph (157.95 km/h) without any performance upgrades. It is available for purchase at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for.

Novidades em GTA Online novo carro potente Declasse Vigero ZX e muito

The design of the Declasse Vigero is based on a real life Chevy Camaro, Plymouth Barracuda. Declasse Vigero Top Speed: The actual top speed of the Vigero in GTA V is 112.00 mph (180.25 km/h) when it's fully upgraded, as it's been accurately tested in-game by Broughy1322. Can you sell the Vigero in GTA Online? Yes, it's possible to sell the Vigero.

Classique on Twitter "Declasse Vigero ZX, https

Top speed (with HSW): 157.5 mph (it's the fastest car in the game, regardless of vehicle class) Lap time (no HSW): 1:06.249 Lap time (HSW): 1:02.546 (first for Muscle cars) Using this new.

GTA+ MuscleCar Declasse Vigero ZX und mehr Grand

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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Declasse Vigero ZX Customization & Top Speed

After spending another $550,000 on the HSW upgrade, players can get an incredible 157.50 mph top speed. The Declasse Vigero ZX's design is based on the real-life Chevrolet Camaro Gen VI. 1).

GTA 5 Online Vigero ZX VS Gauntlet Hellfire (Which is Fastest?) in

Declasse Vigero ZX: Overview. The Vigero ZX is a muscle car that was released as part of The Criminal Enterprises update. The Vigero ZX has a maximum speed of 125 mph, making it the 49th fastest car in GTA Online.. The Vigero ZX stands out for its impressive speed, notably faster than other cars in its class.. Its quick acceleration adds to its appeal, but its traction could use improvement.

Classique on Twitter "Declasse Vigero ZX, https

Top by lap time is Benefactor BR8, while the Declasse Vigero ZX has the highest top speed. However, the Karin S95 is considered the best racing vehicle due to its combination of speed, handling, and acceleration. Players on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of GTA Online should read this guide instead.

How to get Vigero ZX for free in GTA Online summer DLC

The actual top speed of the Vigero ZX in GTA V is 125.00 mph (201.17 km/h) when it's fully upgraded, as it's been accurately tested in-game by Broughy1322. However, when upgraded with the PS5/XSX exclusive HSW improvements, the Vigero ZX can reach the crazy top speed of 157.50 mph (253.47 km/h).

Vigero ZX expected release date in GTA Online summer DLC

0.6. Get complete information about the Declasse Vigero ZX, a GTA 5/Online car! Including prices, lap time, top speed, release date, images, race availability, full handling data, model ID, hashes and much more.


The Stirling GT used to be the fastest car in GTA Online until the Vigero ZX was released in The Criminal Enterprises update. This update also made the car completely bulletproof, which isn't a.