In automobile vehicles, a brake system is an arrangement of brake system parts or mechanical linkages of various brake system components, drum brakes or disc brakes, master cylinders or fulcrum, etc., arranged in such a way that it converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle. She givesโ€”heat energy which in turn stops or speeds the vehicle.

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You will typically find two types of hydraulic brakes on your vehicle's wheels: disc brakes or drum brakes. Here are the main differences between the two: Drum Brakes Drum brakes, invented in 1900, were the first type of in-wheel braking system.


Hydraulic Brakes Air Brakes Mechanical brakes The mechanical braking system can be found in every car's hand brake or e-brake. In this system, a lever is given near the driver's seat. This lever is connected to the brakes at the rear of the vehicle through a steel cable.

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Servo Brake Manual Brake 4) As per construction:- Drum Brake Disc Brake 5) As per braking contact:- Internally Expanding Brake

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Let's try to understand the basics of the brake system as well as the definition and function of the brake in car or automobile industries. Brake System Basics. The brakes are an important part of the automobile vehicle. The brakes can be classified as a safety device. Brakes are advanced a lot since the start of the automobile revolution.

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What are different types of Brake or Braking System? 1. Mechanical Brake System: 2. Hydraulic Braking System: 3. Pneumatic Braking System: 4. Electromagnetic Break System: 5. Servo Braking System: 6. Electrical braking system: 7. Disc Brake System: 8. Drum Braking System: 9. Emergency Brake System:

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typical braking system for cars: FAD: Brake disc front FPD: Brake disc rear FPT: Rear brake drum CF: Brake control SF: servo brake PF: Brake Pump

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Braking Systems Before we jump into the types of brakes, we need to briefly skim over the braking systems which are mainly divided into three : Mechanical Braking System Mechanical brakes are the oldest one of the trio which have been around till the 1950s.

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Dual-circuit braking system A typical dual-circuit braking system in which each circuit acts on both front wheels and one rear wheel. Pressing the brake pedal forces fluid out of the master cylinder along the brake pipes to the slave cylinders at the wheels; the master cylinder has a reservoir that keeps it full.

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The ABS anti-lock brake system is an automotive electronic system that includes an electronic control unit, several wheel speed sensors, and a valve that contains a sole-noid valve. Figure 1 below shows the structure of the braking system. Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019 F. Xhafa et al. (Eds.): IISA 2018, AISC 885, pp. 363-368, 2019.

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Fig 1: Automotive Braking System A brake constitutes a mechanical device engineered to impede motion by absorbing energy from a moving system, typically utilising friction. It serves the purpose of decelerating or halting the motion of vehicles.

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Following are the types of brakes and braking systems: Mechanical braking system Drum Brakes Disc Brakes Hydraulic braking system Electric braking system Emergency brakes

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A braking system is an arrangement of various linkages and components (brake lines or mechanical linkages, brake drum or brake disc , master cylinder or fulc.

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The following are the most common types of braking systems in modern cars. It's always good to know which ones fit your car for easy troubleshooting and servicing. Hydraulic braking system: This system runs on brake fluid, cylinders, and friction.

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1. On the Basis of Power Source The power source which carries the pedal force applied by the driver on brake pedal to the final brake drum or brake disc in order to de accelerate or stop the vehicle the braking systems are of 6 types- Mechanical braking system Hydraulic braking system Air or pneumatic braking system Vacuum braking system

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How does braking system work? The mechanical device - the brake is meant to control and cut down the speed of any rotating parts - like wheel or axle - of an electrical and mechanical instrument. Its key attribute is to determine maximum decelerating effect called the peak force.