This Is Travis Pastrana's 600HP Rallycross Dodge Dart

Travis Pastrana Gives Us the Dirt on the Nitro Rallycross Automobile

Posted on 06.12.2021 by fvr Subaru Motorsports USA's Travis Pastrana (Subaru Impreza) won the 2021 Nitro Rallycross series after he finished fourth in the final round on Sunday (December 5). Timmy Hansen (Peugeot 208) won the event ahead of his brother Kevin [Hansen] (Peugeot 208) and Scott Speed (Subaru Impreza).

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TRAVIS PASTRANA | Nitrocross TRAVIS PASTRANA #199 TEAM: Vermont Sportscar DATE OF BIRTH: October 8, 1983 HOMETOWN: Annapolis, Maryland VEHICLE: VSC FC1-X SOCIAL: 2021 Nitro Rallycross Championship: 1st 2019 Nitro Rallycross: 5th 2018 Nitro Rallycross: DNF Co-Creator of Nitro Circus and Nitro Rallycross

Travis Pastrana rejoins Subaru Rally Team USA for 2014 PerformanceDrive

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Travis Pastrana Gives Us the Dirt on the Nitro Rallycross

As well as a new car from an old friend of the series, there's also an all-new location, with Pastrana taking to his beloved hometown of Annapolis, Maryland. On his trip down memory lane, Pastrana leaps at 150mph past his childhood home, jumps a 120-foot gap at the city docks, and reenacts Block's famous water's edge slide from Gymkhana.

Travis Pastrana's Rallycross Car Gets Ken Block Tribute Livery Flipboard

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Travis Pastrana and Vermont SportsCar revealed Wednesday night they plan to run a new one-off race livery for this weekend's Nitro Rallycross event dedicated to the late Ken Block.

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Travis Pastrana is a world-famous rally legend, and his car collection is just as legendary. Subaru Travis Pastrana lives his life by two rules. Jump big and go fast. Probably why he's broken over 60 bones in his lifetime. He is a certified rally legend for his time in ARA and Subaru rally cross.

Video Travis Pastrana's Record Run Up Mt. Washington

"With the FC1-X, our goal was to create the toughest and fastest Rallycross car ever built for competition," said Travis Pastrana, creator of NRX. Stay up to date with the latest sports.

Travis Pastrana Just Smashed America's Oldest Hillclimb Record

January 20, 2023 at 19:34 At this weekend's Nitro RX event in Quebec, Travis Pastrana will debut a new livery on his Group E racecar. As a tribute to his late friend, the car will wear.

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Travis Pastrana and Scott Speed ended the inaugural Nitro Rallycross season tied with 219 points, with Timmy Hansen in third with 218. As Pastrana had two wins to Speed's one, Pastrana.