Tesla's new selfdriving (HW4) computer leaks Here's a teardown

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MCU2 launched in 2017 on the Model 3 and in early 2018 on the Model S and Model X. MCU3 vehicles started deliveries in December 2021, and Tesla also offered upgrades for MCU2 and MCU2.5 vehicles.

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Tesla Model Y Hardware 4 Teardown Reveals Cheaper Ram, Missing GPU and Camera Connectors July 11, 2023 By Kevin Armstrong We get our first view at hardware 4.0 for the Model Y Greentheonly/Twitter In a recent series of fascinating tweets, @greentheonly provided an unprecedented look into the internals of Tesla's new Model Y Hardware 4 or HW4.

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The big news of the day was Tesla bringing its latest hardware 4 to its Model Y, expanding the new Autopilot hardware beyond just Model S and Model X vehicles. Thanks to some Tesla community members, we now have some up-close images comparing hardware 4 to hardware 3.

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Model Y Model Y: Ordering, Production, Delivery FSD transfer: What's the current installation rate of HW4 on Model Y? GoodManFrank Jul 23, 2023 fsd hw4 transfer fsd 1 2 3 4 5 Next G GoodManFrank Member Feb 29, 2020 140 65 Bay Area, California Jul 23, 2023 #1 I'm quite interested in the FSD transfer program.

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r/TeslaModelY • 6 mo. ago CompleteComedian9063 AP04 (HW4) VIN Lookup - Part 4 UPD29/Jun/2023 Now turn only for XP7/LRW Vin's to find when they will have HW4. All 7SA/5YJ will be ignored Here are the Option Codes that you'll see in this post: AP04 = HW4 (Autopilot Hardware 4) | APH4 = HW3 = AP3 (Autopilot Hardware 3)

Tesla Model Y HW4.0 hardware dismantling, only some details are

41.2K subscribers 11K views 1 month ago #Tesla #ModelY #HW4 Tesla has began shipping Model Y with HW4 (hardware 4) and soon Model 3 as well. This includes NEW cameras with higher.

Tesla Model Y HW4.0 hardware dismantling, only some details are

Posted on May 25, 2023 Tesla has evidently started shipping some Model Y units from its Fremont, California factory with Hardware 4 (HW4), its most recent version of its self-driving.

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Updated Sensor Suite Hardware 4.0 is Tesla's latest suite of Autopilot/self-driving sensors and a new FSD computer. The new hardware, once fully rolled out, is believed to include the following: A new front-facing camera with higher resolution and wider field of view. A new camera on each B-pillar that can see sideways and slightly forward.

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- YouTube / 7:30 • Intro NEW Tesla Model Y with Hardware 4 Includes HD Radar CONFIRMED! John Ee 42.4K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

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New Model Ys with HW4 may only be without radar temporarily, possibly due to a supply chain issue. New owners would still better off receiving a vehicle with HW4 and without radar than a HW3-equipped vehicle due to the improved cameras and faster FSD computer that includes redundancy. Of course, HD radar inclusion could also come down to cost.

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While Tesla continues to work on the software for HW4, we're anticipating the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to follow with HW4 deliveries at some point this year. Tesla's "Project Highland" is making way, but Tesla may add hardware 4.0 to the Cybertruck first, as the new hardware may be constrained due to ramping production. Retrofits.

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What about the Model Y with HW4? Does its MCU also have the Radeon GPU or only the Ryzen APU? DanDi58 Active Member Jun 22, 2020 3,089 2,520 Dayton NJ Jun 26, 2023

Tesla's new selfdriving (HW4) computer leaks Here's a teardown

The inclusion of HW4 on the Model Y was also corroborated by source code information linked to a newly built Model Y captured by third-party tracker tesla-info, which noted the Autopilot version of a 2023 Model Y AWD as "AP HW4" on a Model Y built at Giga Texas. ( via NotATeslaApp) UPDATE 12:25pm PT: The Kilowatts have also found more Model.

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Tesla has begun shipping Model Y cars that are equipped with its Hardware 4 self-driving technology package, according to Twitter user The Kilowatts (a former Tesla employee). Supposedly,.

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Model Y achieved NHTSA 5-star safety ratings in every category and subcategory. Top Safety Pick+ Model Y received the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award, with top ratings in all crashworthiness and front crash prevention categories. Safety is the most important part of every Tesla. We design our vehicles to exceed safety standards. 5-Star Rating

Tesla begins delivery of Model Y with HW4 hardware and more powerful

Tesla has been shipping the Model Y equipped with the latest Hardware 4 (HW4) computer for a few months now, but hacker Green ( @greentheonly) has discovered the automaker has scaled back the Model Y's HW4 computer compared to its predecessor.