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Tesla starts throttling charging limits at "highusage" Superchargers

I charge to 90% pretty much every day, but only finish charging right before I leave, so the car typically spends < 1 hour at 90%, then sits at ~80% for 7 hours and ~70% or less for ~16 hours. I'm on my second Tesla over the last 5 years and both cars actually gained a small bit of range from when I picked them up.

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Setting a charging limit can help you maintain better energy cost efficiency, and this practice can even support a longer battery lifespan.. By limiting your maximum charge to 80% or even 90%.

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Tesla lowering the limit to 80% is sort of a big deal because they are dominant in the industry and have some of the best battery experts in the world. If Tesla lowers their limit to 80%, I bet a lot of others in the industry will eventually do the same, including Ford.. So charging to 90% is similar to charging to 85%. If Ford were to give.

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Here's how: Set a limit percentage: The Tesla app or touchscreen allows you to set a charging limit between 50% and 90%, so you can choose the maximum range you want for your EV. Set a scheduled charge: You can set your Tesla to start charging at off-peak times to take advantage of reduced energy rates.

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Looking at our example Tesla Model Y Long Range, a 48-amp, 11kW Level 2 AC charging station will fill the battery in about 7.4 hours, adding around 39 miles of range per hour plugged in.

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When using a non-Tesla manufactured adapter or cord you will need to manually set your amperage, or charging limits, using the 80% rule. If the vehicle is not set to a lower current, following this rule, you will likely trip the circuit because the car will try to draw more amperage from the circuit.

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The latest update 2023.26 changed the limit for certain cars. To make it even less confusing now some vehicles have a maximum recommended daily limit of 80% while others are at 90% and LFP batteries are still at 100%. Mine is a 23 MYLR w/ 2170s out of Austin and it also went from 90% to 80%. I changed my daily limit to automatically set to 69%.

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A 120 volt outlet will supply 2 to 3 miles of range per hour of charge. If you charge overnight and drive less than 30 to 40 miles per day, this option should meet your typical charging needs. You can also purchase an adapter bundle and charge with other outlet types, including a 240 volt outlet.

Tesla’s Announces New Universal Home Charger Set To Revolutionize EV Charging Axleaddict News

Getting back to my Tesla Model 3, I now have a garage and home charging. I've mostly been charging the car up to 60-80% as I get used to this, since that feels comfortable but doesn't go too.

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September 6, 2023. Michael Kim. Sometime in the summer of 2023, Tesla updated their in-car software and apps to recommend 80% state of charge as a daily charging limit, instead of 90% as it was before. When the user slides their charging limit above 80%, a tooltip appears to suggest lowering the limit to just 80%.

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The Energy app located on your touchscreen is designed to help you maximize efficiency and range. The Energy app lets you: Monitor the amount of energy your vehicle uses while driving and parked. See how much energy is consumed by different vehicle components, driving behaviors and environmental conditions. Compare the actual energy used to the.

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Tesla says the dual-motor Cybertruck will go 318 miles in Foundation Series trim.. Charging from 5 percent to 80 percent took 42 minutes, 10 minutes longer than a Model Y Long Range and just 4.

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Look for the small box icon on the screen at the bottom with an arrow pointing up. It's next to the wiper button. Tap it and choose the Charging icon (the lightning bolt). This will show the charging screen. Tap the Set Limit button then slide the white arrow left/right to move the charge limit, then tap Done. voxel.

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If desired, use the touchscreen to change the charge limit and the charging current (see Charge Settings). To charge at a public charging station, plug the appropriate adapter into the vehicle's charging port, and then connect the station's charging connector to the adapter. The most commonly used adapter(s) for each market region are provided.

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Aug 25, 2023. #3. Tesla is now recommending different charge levels depending on the vehicle and battery chemistry. It's not clear yet how many vehicles this affects (going from 90% down to 80%), but it's a large percentage. Tesla's battery warranty is based on the vehicle holding a 70% or higher charge after about 100k miles or 8 years (exact.

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The question of whether to charge your Tesla to 80% or 90% revolves around preserving the battery's longevity and reducing battery degradation. Charging to 100% is generally not recommended for daily use because it can lead to more rapid degradation. A charge limit of 80% is suggested by some as it is considered a sweet spot for extending.