1967 Bagged Suicide Door Lincoln Continental for sale photos

1961 Lincoln Continental Suicide Door Solid Car Classic

Lincoln is bringing back its iconic "suicide doors." A special limited-edition version of the big Lincoln Continental will have back doors that are hinged at the rear rather than the.

This 110,000 Lincoln Continental with Suicide Doors Sold Out in 48 Hours

Eric Perry. It's been nearly 50 years since the last time Lincoln offered rear-hinged doors (a.k.a. suicide doors). That's about to change with a limited-edition run of the 2019 Continental.

Lincoln bringing back 'suicide doors' on 2019 Continental Fox News

December 17, 2018. in Lincoln, News. If you have ever watched "The Entourage" on HBO, the real star of the show is their 1965 Lincoln Continental. The iconic American sedan is celebrating its 80th Birthday with a new Coach Door Edition. Known as "Suicide Doors" colloquially, the automaker chose a name that is older than the brand itself.

Lincoln Continental limited edition with 'suicide doors' sells out

The 2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition will start at $115,470 (plus destination fee). Thankfully, the marque has decided this year's production run will be 150, instead of just 80 cars.

Lincoln Continental Convertible, Suicide Doors RD Classics

December 17, 2018 A look at the limited edition Lincoln Continental, which will include the Classic "Suicide-Door" and will cost in the six-figure range. In the 1950s, Lincoln attempted.

1962 Lincoln Continental Suicide door

Before production halted, however, Lincoln saw fit to celebrate 80 years of the Continental name, so it decided to harken back to the days of suicide door-equipped Continentals and produced.

WOW! 50k Miles A/C Suicide Doors 1966 Lincoln Continental Black

Under the Hood. Powering the 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition will be the top engine available in the Continental: a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 making 400 horsepower and 400 pounds-feet of.

Special Edition Lincoln Continental With Suicide Doors Coming in 2019

View Gallery. 17 Photos. The 1961 Continental flagship had suicide doors, and Lincoln seriously considered bringing back the feature early on in the design process for the new model. However.

Lincoln Continental Suicide Doors RD Classics

Dirt-Cheap 1968 Lincoln Continental Has Suicide Doors and 460 V8, Also Needs TLC Published: 1 Mar 2022, 14:48 UTC • By: Aurel Niculescu We all know that fourth-generation 1961 to 1969.


Every day seems to bring a new death notice: Ford Fusion. Chevrolet Impala. Several great driving Cadillacs, including the hardly-knew-ye CT6-V. But there is one cause for quiet celebration—the.

1967 Bagged Suicide Door Lincoln Continental for sale photos

The 1961 Lincoln Continental became a design icon thanks to center-opening "coach doors" (also known as "suicide doors"). Lincoln is bringing those doors back for a special edition of the 2019.

Lincoln Continental reintroduces suicide doors

The Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is made in collaboration with Cabot Coach Builders and will sell for over $100,000. Lincoln Continental is getting suicide doors, for which it was famous.

Lincoln Continental Suicide Doors Return With Special Edition [UPDATE]

Suicide doors are back on the Lincoln Continental. Okay, so Lincoln isn't calling them that—the term was deemed to be not "on brand"—but the luxury-car company has announced a run of.

New Limited Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Edition Has Suicide

71 likes, 0 comments - lincoln_slab_family on February 10, 2023: "1966 Lincoln Continental, NO TITLE - very easy to get one for a car this old. 4 door, Suicide d." @lincoln_slab_family on Instagram: "1966 Lincoln Continental, NO TITLE - very easy to get one for a car this old.

Lincoln Continental Suicide Doors RD Classics

Once deemed dangerous, suicide doors are making a comeback on the Lincoln Continental. Ford is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the long-lived luxury Lincoln line by making 80 cars in 2019 with.

The Lincoln Continental Brings Back Sucide Doors • Gear Patrol

Lincoln Is Building 150 More Suicide Door Continentals for 2020 Better get your order in quick. If demand is as high as it was last year, availability won't last long. By Brian Silvestro.