S’poreans Try Prong & Shock Collars To Show Cruelty, Advise Dog Owners

SHOCK COLLAR Drive Thru Challenge *I can't believe we did this* YouTube

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0:00 / 1:06 Chick wearing a shock collar orders some food at drive-thru. 🤣💯 Videokings 3.69K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K 131K views 3 years ago @codyv11 (TikTok) 🔂 Subscribe to our.

Shock Collar Drive Thru Challenge (Justin Edition)

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Shock Collar Drive Thru Challenge! YouTube

SHOCK COLLAR DRIVE THROUGH CHALLENGE! | whoa 😢 | By The Adley Show | Facebook | That's an electric shock collar. This is a list of foods. We're gonna order those at the drive thru and if you laugh then I'm going to shock the collar. alright. so you gotta get through that whole list without laughing. Yeah.


184K likes, 3,644 comments - vanchampion on August 22, 2023: "Shock Collar drive thru ⚡️ (sister edition) #shockcollar #siblinggoals #shock #shockingvideo."

S’poreans Try Prong & Shock Collars To Show Cruelty, Advise Dog Owners

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SHOCK COLLAR Chem 91 x Kentucky Bluegrass NEW FEMINIZED!! The Seed

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Shock collars, also known as electronic collars or e-collars, are training tools designed to aid in training dogs by delivering electronic impulses, vibrations, or audible signals to communicate commands and discourage undesirable unwanted behaviors.

Shock Collar Dog Shock Colar

A typical shock collar. Shock collar used on a riot police dog in 2004 in Würzburg.Two years later, Germany banned the use of shock collars, even by police. A shock collar or remote training collar, also known as an e-collar, Ecollar, or electronic collar) is a type of training collar that utilizes electrical shocks to induce pain to the neck of a dog or other parts of its body, depending on.

Shock Collar for sale in UK 42 used Shock Collars

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Shock Collar Drive Thru Challenge!! Testing out the Shock Collar

No cable box. No problems. Dismiss Try it free Siblings going through drive thru taking order and pickup while getting shocked.Credit to @Codyv11 on TikTok

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ViralHog 9.42M subscribers 80K views 2 years ago Occurred on May 4, 2020 / Beaumont, Alberta, Canada "My sister and I decided to put a shock collar around my neck and drive through a McD.

TOMMY TRIES IT Shock Collar Drive Thru YouTube

Hysterical: Woman Wears Shock Collar While Going Through Drive-Thru By fisher May 27, 2020 (Photo: Getty Images) Sponsored Content Watch this sister wear a shock collar while her brother pushes the button while going through a drive-thru.

JCO24912 Black Fin, 12mm Shock Collar B6.1 B64 SC6.1 T6.1 (2

Info from Licensor: "My sister and I decided to put a shock collar around my neck and drive through a McDonald's. My sister continuously shocked me while ordering and receiving food from McDonald's employees. The end result is hilarious as I couldn't control my actions or what was said." Hide details Recommended 5:00 I Up next

Shock Collar Drive Thru Challenge! REACTION!! Hilarious!! YouTube

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