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RCR 917. The 917 was the most powerful sports car ever made at the time. With "over 1200" horsepower (Porsche was coy about the actual power output) available from the twin-turbo, flat-12 variant, it dominated sports car racing for years. It was also the poster child for a car that needed aerodynamic development in its early iterations, only.

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9 February 2023 Porsche Type 912 flat-12 engine tech guide The 917 was a racer like no other Porsche before it, with an exceptional engine at its heart developed in double-quick time. Here's the development story of that engine - the Type 912 flat-12 Words: Shane O'Donoghue

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Porsche 911 Turbo. 917 Replica - Dual 3.0 liter engine -> flat 12. Just came across this link. Seems cool the way they have stuck two 3.0 lites 911 together to get a flat 12. Porsche 917 replica photos - MadWhips, modified & exotic car spotting. "This 917 is a Melbourne, Australia-built replica. The real 917s have a flat 12 engine.

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Most builders elect to power their 917s with a variety of Porsche air-cooled flat-sixes, but the buyer of this Bailey 917 has gone with a liquid-cooled Ferrari V12 with Bailey's custom horizontal engine fan fitted. The original 917 was of course powered by Porsche Type 912 180-degree, flat-12 engine.

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Porsche 917: flat-out flat-12 By Ben Barry Features | 1 May 2022 No car manufacturer has been more successful at Le Mans than Porsche, with its record 19 wins, and next year the famous German marque will return to the Circuit de la Sarthe in a bid to add to that tally under new LMDh rules.

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A flat-twelve engine, also known as a horizontally opposed-twelve, is a twelve-cylinder piston engine with six cylinders on each side of a central crankshaft . Flat-twelve engines are less common than V12 engines, but they have been used in various racing cars during the 1960s and 1970s, and in mid-engined Ferrari road cars from 1973 to 1996.

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Flat 12 Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 64,407 likes · 21 talking about this · 823 were here. Exotic - Classic - Unique Cars NOW located in Albuquerque.

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In 1970, John Horsman, chief engineer with John Wyer's team, noticed a lack of dead flies and gnats over the rear bodywork, providing visual evidence that the airflow was detaching from the car..

【ベストコレクション】 porsche 917 flat 12 engine 192269Porsche 917 flat 12

Thursday, 17 August 2023. The Porsche Flat-12 engine is an iconic and powerful engine configuration that was used in Porsche's legendary racecars, most notably in the Porsche 917. The Porsche 917 and its flat-12 engine left a lasting legacy in motorsport history, especially in endurance racing and at events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Gaze in Wonder at This Porsche 917/30 Flat-12 Fresh out of Canepa's Shop This was the turbo that killed the Can-Am series. By Mark Vaughn Published: May 18, 2020 View Full Gallery Canepa You.

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One of the most popular ones is Porsche's infamous flat 12 engine. Internally, the engine was known as Type 912. First introduced in 1968, the 4.5 liter engine was the biggest one to come out of Porsche's factory. In 1968, FIA introduced an engine displacement limit regulation to help keep racing speeds safe. This came as a result of cars like.

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The 'Type 912' engine featured a 180° flat-12 cylinder layout, twin overhead camshafts driven from centrally mounted gears and twin spark plugs fed from two distributors. [10] The large horizontally mounted cooling fan was also driven from centrally mounted gears.

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Porsche 917/30 Flat-12. Mark Vaughn grew up in a Ford family and spent many hours holding a trouble light over a straight-six miraculously fed by a single-barrel carburetor while his father cursed.