Paul Hot Wheels Circle Tracker Mattel Creations

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BUILT FOR SPEED The Circle Tracker has a cowl induction hood, V8 engine, and streamlined shape for aerodynamics. And just like the Nikes that share its bold design, this car is packaged in a replica shoe box. Shop Now SOLE INSPIRATION The new Nike PG 6 sneakers were inspired by PG-13's love of cars.

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7 Text By Elliot Santiago In this Article Nike American Sportswear Company Rank 1 Outside of life on the basketball court, Paul George is known to dabble into various hobbies such as golfing,.

Hot Wheels, Nike and Paul Rev up a High Speed PG 6 Colab

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Paul Hot Wheels Circle Tracker Mattel Creations

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Sneaker News July 20, 2022 19947 Hot Wheels — iconic toy brand, and acceptable nickname for fire footwear. Paul George's Nike PG 6 has collaborated with the Mattel brand to bring a hot.

Hot Wheels x Nike PG 6 DH8446400

The PG 6 first debuted in February 2022. "Paul George is always striving to be better, always pushing to do more," Nike says on its website. "The ultimate two-way player, PG is as relentless on defense as he is on offense.

2023 Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive Paul Hot Wheels Circle Tracker

Paul George is enjoying a fruitful offseason. He just got married, his Los Angeles Clippers added John Wall in free agency and his latest Nike sneaker has received a high-speed makeover from Hot Wheels. George is a known lover of automobiles who owns a Ferrari 458 Spider, a Range Rover and a tricked-out Jeep Wrangler, so the Hot Wheels x Nike PG 6 boasts close ties to one of his favourite off.

Paul Hot Wheels Circle Tracker Mattel Creations

For NBA superstar and Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Paul George, his past lineup includes a Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini Aventador, Range Rover Sport, and many more. Showing his passion for all things automotive, Paul George's upcoming Nike PG6 sneaker release features a custom colorway courtesy of the creative professionals at Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels Teamed With Nike And Paul For This PG6Inspired

Paul George is known for being a huge car fanatic. Paying homage to his love for automobiles, the Hot Wheels x Nike PG 6 starts off with a Blue-to-Red gradient upper that is then covered.

Nike x Hot Wheels x Paul Mattel Creations

2022 Hot Wheels x PG 6 NRG Nike, sneakers, PG 6 5 $247 6 $205 6.5 $202 7 $209 7.5 $211 8 $176 8.5 $229 9 $251 9.5 $232 10 $177 10.5 $207 11 $207 11.5 $206 12 $236 12.5

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Paul George has an effortlessly smooth, reliably steady game. He takes his time, but he's always well-positioned to make the extra pass or cut through the lane. The Nike PG 6 NRG "Hot Wheels" Men's Basketball Shoe is made to help you play all day with similar sleekness. Now equipped with a full-length foam midsole and a supportive lacing system.

Hot Wheels Teamed With Nike And Paul For This PG6Inspired

Tear up the tracks with this Paul George Hot Wheels Circle Tracker. Just like the NBA All-Star, this 1:64 scale vehicle is on fire featuring Spectraflame paint, George's number "13", and a checked interior. Inspired by Nike's PG-6 sneaker, we chose the Circle Tracker for its rounded profile, cowl induction hood, and V8 engine.

Paul Hot Wheels Circle Tracker Mattel Creations

The Paul George Hot Wheels Circle Tracker Die-cast Car will be available for US$40 a pop from starting on November 23, 2022, at 9 AM PT. If you really want one, we suggest that you mark your calendar and set the alarm because we have a feeling this is going to fly off the shelves. We could be wrong.

LA Clippers' Paul Collabs with Hot Wheels and Nike

Paul George is currently enjoying a fruitful off-season. He just got married and the LA Clippers added John Wall in a free-agent deal. Now, Nike has revealed his latest sneakers in a high-speed.

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Paul George's passion for cars informs the Hot Wheels x Nike PG 6. This collaboration with Mattel delivers a mindblowing combination of colors and textures. The upper in ventilated textile gradient blend of Laser Blue and Siren is highlighted with racing imagery, including a flaming reverse Swoosh.

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The Saddest Collab Ever! Hot Wheels and Nike Paul George Collab, Car Culture and Team Transport Boxset#hotwheels #hotwheelsnews #thedailydose