Honda debuts the Type R treatment on the NSX supercar

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By this time, the Type-R moniker had become the official signature of ultimate Honda roadcar performance, and the 2002 Honda NSX Type-R ( officially abbreviated to NSX-R on this occasion ), certainly lived up to its badge.

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When the NSX Type R was given the green light, Porsche were known to have a Carrera RS version of their latest 911 in development. The standard 911 (along with the Ferrari 348) had been outclassed by the NSX in practically every department. Dynamically, the Honda was the best car by a considerable margin.

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The first generation Honda NSX ( New Sportscar eXperimental ), marketed in North America and Hong Kong as the Acura NSX, [4] is a 2-seater, mid-engine sports car that was manufactured by Honda in Japan from 1990 until 2005. Development

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The Honda NSX Type R was designed solely as a track car. Caution and comforts were thrown to the wind, sacrificed for raw power, and unparalleled performance at the race track. The NSX coupe was stripped of its audio systems, air conditioning system, spare wheel and some electrical components, in an aggressive weight-reduction campaign.

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The face-lifted Japanese domestic market (JDM) NSX Type R released in 2002 accomplished its weight savings with removed sound deadening, carbon kevlar seats, lightweight forged wheels, a smaller.

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When it was introduced, the Honda NSX was the most expensive, exotic Japanese production car ever. More expensive and exotic still was the NSX Type-R, a Japa.

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Based on the critically acclaimed NSX Type R, the Type R GT was equipped with a radical new body kit that comprised an extended carbonfibre nose panel with bigger intakes and a splitter-type front spoiler, bigger side-mounted intake scoops, deeper skirts, a sub-spoiler underneath the existing rear wing, an extended carbonfibre back bumper with.

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The NSX Type R's Championship White paint is a direct nod to the RA 272 Formula 1 car that Richie Ginther drove to victory at the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix, Honda's first Grand Prix win. The race.

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Rare Honda NSX-R Is Heading For Auction, Starting Price Isโ€ฆ $408K! Honda stripped 220 lbs off its supercar, including junking the power steering, to create the purest NSX ever by Chris.

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The NSX Type R was track oriented and, to reduce weight, lacked sound deadening, audio, electric windows and air conditioning. The NSX Type R's role was fulfilled by the NSX Type S Zero in 1997. A second iteration of the Type R, dubbed NSX-R, was released in 2002, again exclusively in Japan.

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The original NSX Type R had entered production in November 1992 when its most obvious rival had been the similarly pared down Porsche 911 Carrera RS (type 964). Since then, Porsche had produced another two generations of 911: the 993 and 996. A Carrera RS version of the air-cooled 993 preceded the switch to the water-cooled 996 at which point.

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Also known as the NSX Type R, the NSX-R went through an aggressive program of weight reduction, to make it as high performance as possible. And quite frankly, the results speak for themselves. The NSX-R In Detail via Supercars The 1992 NSX-R would be exclusively for the Japanese market, and only a limited production run of 483 units were ever made.

Honda debuts the Type R treatment on the NSX supercar

Retro review: the Honda NSX Type-R Read why you can trust our independent reviews Top Gear Magazine 1 / 5 This review first appeared in Issue 108 of Top Gear magazine (2002) It seems Honda has.

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According to Torque R, the NSX Type R has a starting bid of ยฅ45,000,000 - that's around $408,000. And that's just the starting bid, so we won't be surprised if it sells for over $500,000. That.

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Overview Acura's flagship isn't a large sedan or even a decked-out full-size SUV; it's the 2022 NSX Type S sports car, which utilizes a hybrid powertrain.

Honda NSX Type R NA2 for sale 2004 NSXR white JDM cars at JDM EXPO

NSX Type R was available only in Championship White, which recalls Honda's first Formula 1 race car in the 1960s. 2002 (Japan): The second NSX Type R was simply dubbed NSX-R and was released to the Japanese market in 2002. Just 140 were produced.