Spesification 2022 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am New Cars Design

This Rendering of a Modern Pontiac Firebird Screams Corvette Rival

Published Dec 29, 2022 While the Pontiac brand is not likely to return anytime soon, a new reimagining of the classic muscle car shows a lot of potential. HotCars | Rostislav Prokop There is a certain group of cars that are world-famous and the Special Edition 1977 Pontiac Trans Am is certainly one of them.

Spesification 2022 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am New Cars Design

Updated Nov 26, 2020 A company of Firebird enthusiasts has resolved to revive the legendary muscle car. Here's what we know about the 2021 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. After being a staple of the brand's lineup for over eight decades, General Motors discontinued Pontiac in 2010.

Exterior And Interior 2022 The Pontiac Trans New Cars Design

This model still looks every bit the part of a Trans Am but comes powered by the standard 6.2-liter LT1 V8 engine with Magnuson supercharger for more down-to-earth, three-digit output numbers: 602.

Spesification 2022 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am New Cars Design

Pontiac Firebird Year 2022-2022 Body Type Fuel Type Drive Type Engine Transmission We weren't able to find any results within the criteria you specified, but we did find similar listings.

Burt Reynold's '77 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE the Car From 'Smokey

While there has been no official confirmation from General Motors or anyone else close to the brand, reports indicate that Pontiac could be back on the market as early as 2022. If this is true, it could mean a revival of classic Pontiac models such as the Bonneville, Trans Am, and Firebird.

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Mar 29, 2018. Trans Am Worldwide made a splash at last year's New York auto show with their latest creation, the Trans Am Super Duty. Little did they know, their 1,000-hp throwback would land at.

Modern ??Pontiac?? would this count? *PICS*

Budget Direct says it's "not easy to redesign an iconic GM muscle car shape," so instead of replicating the second-generation Pontiac Firebird's silhouette, they gave it completely new, more.

Spesification 2022 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am New Cars Design

The Pontiac Firebird Trans AM 2022 model was redesigned as a horse-drawn carriage to compete with the Ford Mustang. Announcing the Pontiac-style trend, Firebird bumpers are integrated into the front-end design, which gives you a much better look than the Camaro.

Spesification 2022 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am New Cars Design

The Camaro SS, meanwhile, uses a 6.2-liter naturally-aspirated V8 with 455 hp and 455 lb-ft of torque. This would also mean that the Firebird would get the Camaro ZL1's powertrain, and it would likely use the Formula nameplate. The rather special Camaro ZL1 uses a supercharged V8 of the same displacement, developing 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

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By Jon Morris Published Jun 3, 2023 In a hypothetical multiverse that allows us to dream of a modern Pontiac Firebird hitting our streets, here are the features we would like to see. HotCars Photo ยฉ 2023 Valnet Here in 2023, muscle cars seem to be fading out once more. Still, this is nothing new.

Interior 2022 Pontiac Trans New Cars Design

In a new exclusive rendering, however, HotCars digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel revitalizes the Pontiac Firebird as a modern muscle car that looks ready to take on the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger one last time.

Why The Iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Deserves A Comeback In 2023

A 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible is headed to auction, and it's the first Firebird to be built. Yep, number 001. We tested numerous new cars over the course of 2020, Covid-19 restrictions.

10 Things We Just Learned About The New 2021 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

A Simple Approach To A New Pontiac Firebird. In its most uncomplicated form, all the automaker has to do is change the Camaro's front end and taillights to create a Firebird. Perhaps some logos could be swapped on the inside. Keeping a new Firebird focused on performance, GM could skip the four- and six-cylinder engines that power the current.

10 Things We Just Learned About The New 2021 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

Back in the 60s, when the Firebird was introduced, the Pontiac brand was willing to come up with a production version of its original Banshee concept car. Unveiled in 1964, this was a rather.

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By Kiran Menon Updated Feb 22, 2023 The classic Pontiac Trans Am gets resurrected for the present day with a high price tag and modern styling. Via: Trans Am Depot

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$16,980 - $20,280 Price (MSRP) Compare Pontiac G6 Convertible $31,870 - $32,300 Price (MSRP) Compare Pontiac G6 Coupe $22,220 - $28,960 Price (MSRP) Compare Pontiac G6 Sedan $21,275 Price.