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Drivers and teams alike took to social media to applaud the reveal of the 2022 baseline rules package for the Next Gen car. The package will see the cars use a 4-inch rear spoiler for downforce.

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NASCAR confirmed Monday that Cup Series teams received the 2022 rules package for the Next Gen car at the beginning of the month. The aero package for intermediate racetracks will not change. Teams will continue to compete with 550-horsepower and an eight-inch spoiler.

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These are guidelines (along with some demands) intended to make the 2022 NASCAR season as pleasurable and productive as possible for everyone. These 12 rules cover everyone from fans to.

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Aerodynamic changes. There are two big changes coming in 2022. Firstly, NASCAR stockcars will now feature a rear diffuser, with the aim of producing more downforce without creating more dirty air. Secondly, the cars will be symmetrical for the first time in a while. In previous years, the right-side of the cars have been flat compared to the.

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Official Rules RULE 1. ELIGIBILITY AND HOW TO VOTE NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To vote, visit (the "Website") and follow the online instructions for voting. Voting.

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In the name of safety, the driver will be moved 1.6" further towards the center of the car and door bars have been moved further outwards. The Next-Gen includes a split exhaust system, which now.

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The long awaited debut of NASCAR's Next Gen Car will be among the main focal points during the 2022 season. As teams fight to adapt to the new mechanics and intrinsic details of the Cup Series new ride, it will be important for handicappers to keep track of performance trends throughout the season specifically with the different rules packages.

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Table of Contents The Racetrack Duration and Format NASCAR Drivers Equipment Flags Penalties, Fines, and Suspensions Winning NASCAR Rules Summary FAQ The Racetrack There are a few different types of NASCAR race tracks, and they all vary in size.

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This is what you need to know about NASCAR in 2022. 2022 NASCAR Rule Changes.. new engine regulations. The Engines are now going to have a 670 Horsepower target limit. new wheels. NASCAR will now use single-lug, 18" Alumanium wheels. Aluminum will be lighter and the single-lug will reduce tyre deformations.

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By Kelly Crandall | January 24, 2022 5:17 PM ET. NASCAR officials have updated the Cup Series rulebook concerning penalties for violations to the new Next Gen race car. Teams will still be penalized under a tiered system, which is now levels L1 to L3 infractions. And the harshest L3 penalties for modifications to the Next Gen car or any parts.

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In 2022, with the introduction of the Next Gen model car for the Cup Series, the door number was moved forward on all cars, taking the space formerly occupied by the contingency decals, and the driver name on the front windshield was shifted to the right (the same position as on Xfinity driver windshields for points-eligible drivers) to make roo.

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The penultimate race of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season was perhaps its most dramatic. With three of the four places in the season-ending championship race up for grabs, the tension was thick at.

LVMS statement on NASCAR's new rules package for 2019 News Media

December 21, 2021 Big horsepower and low drag return with the Next Gen car The majority of tracks on the NASCAR schedule have been fit into a rules package. For short tracks, road courses and most intermediate tracks, NASCAR will use a 670hp base engine was a drastically reduced 4″ spoiler. Last week, Charlotte Motor Speedway hosted a two-day test.

2022 NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Camry Adds TRD to Nameplate of Next Gen

Some drivers will also wear mouthpiece sensors this season, continuing use from 2022. These sensors are used on a voluntary basis but Patalak noted an increase in the number of drivers who are.


The Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 400 race weekend moves from the heart of September to early spring dates in mid-April 2024. The welcomed return of three days of racing at Texas Motor Speedway with all three NASCAR national series