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Amount of Fuel Per Race. Compared to your daily driver, NASCAR race cars use much more fuel to travel the same distance, averaging a remarkable five miles-per-gallon in fuel consumption. Depending on the length of the race, a car uses anywhere between 40 and 125 gallons of fuel. This means the 18-gallon fuel tank in the car must be refilled.

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Typically, NASCAR race cars get about 2-5 miles per gallon, Flow Racers notes. As such, each car may consume over 100 gallons during a 500-mile race. As such, each car may consume over 100 gallons.

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Fuel consumption for a NASCAR car is approximately four to five miles per gallon. This number may vary depending on the race track, race conditions, and the car's specific set-up and engine size. A NASCAR engine typically burns about 12 gallons of fuel during a 400-mile race. So, in short, a NASCAR car burns about three gallons of fuel per 100.


Formula 1 - 110 kilograms per race. F1 cars can use a maximum of 110 kilograms of fuel per race (305km / 190 miles), however they don't always fill the car with that much fuel. This is because the.

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You might groan through a purchase if it gets 20 mpg if the vehicle is cool enough. According to How Stuff Works, Most NASCAR racers are getting 5 miles per gallon. FIVE! To give a little more context to that, the Daytona 500 is named such because the race is 500 miles (200, 2.5-mile laps.)

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February 22, 2015 7:00 AM EST. The 43 cars racing at Sunday's Daytona 500 will use an estimated 5,375 gallons of racing fuel, according to NASCAR. But don't start panicking about greenhouse.

How You Can Get More Miles Per Gallon Road Runner Auto Repair

The cost of NASCAR fuel can vary depending on the type of fuel and the quantity needed. As of 2021, the price of Sunoco Green E15 is around $7.15 per gallon, while the cost of Sunoco 260 GTX is around $9.75 per gallon. This price is a bit misleading as the actual cost NASCAR pays to depends on the gallons of fuel used if it is 100% alcohol.

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NASCAR, Chicago Street Race and The NASCAR Foundation brought the All Kids Bike Learn-to-Ride program to Chicago schools. Apr 18, 2023 On Earth Week, NASCAR commits to net zero operating emissions.

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With the specialized Sunoco Green E15 fuel specifically developed to be run in NASCAR, standardized prices per gallon of fuel are hard to come by. However, one can purchase cans of this race fuel.

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For many folks who groan at a vehicle that gets less than 15-20 miles per gallon, the fuel economy of these cars is disappointing, at best. On average, NASCAR drivers get between 2 and 5 miles per gallon at racing speeds. When the race is under caution (drivers must slow to a predetermined speed due to a yellow flag), drivers might get up to 18.

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This all adds up to some serious fuel consumption. In a single typical NASCAR race weekend, with more than 40 cars at high speeds for 500 miles (804 kilometers) -- plus practice laps -- at 5 mpg of gas, you're looking at, conservatively, about 6,000 gallons (22,712 liters) of fuel [source: Finney].Each gallon burned emits about 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of carbon dioxide, so that's about 120,000.

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Conclusion. The average NASCAR uses between 2 and 5 miles per gallon of fuel at race speed and 14 to 18 mpg in caution conditions. While the drivers can use methods to reduce the mpg, it all comes down to race strategy. The average NASCAR will use 100 gallons for a 500-mile speedway race.

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On average, NASCAR cars get between 2 and 5 miles per gallon of gas. How Stuff Works explains: "In a single typical NASCAR race weekend, with more than 40 cars at high speeds for 500 miles (804.

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A stock NASCAR car gets approximately 4 miles per gallon, although the number might climb or drop based on varying factors. Considering races vary in length from a few hundred miles to 500 miles or more, one NASCAR car might consume 100 gallons of racing fuel or more in a single race. For instance, consider the highly popular Daytona 500.

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NASCAR cup cars have fuel tanks that hold approximately 18.5 gallons. "Let's say we can get a hundred miles on a tank of gas depending upon the racetrack, that might be 60 laps or it might be 50 laps on a two-mile track," Dr. Warren continued. "If that caution comes out with 53 laps to go or 110 miles to go you have to stretch and make.


In fact, NASCAR series vehicles get only five miles per gallon. Depending on how long the race track is, a typical NASCAR driver will guzzle anywhere from 40 to 125 gallons of fuel. Multiply that by the number of racers on the track, and a 43-car competition may use over 5000 gallons in a single race.