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A different shade variant was brought back for another limited run on the 2004 model-year SVT Mustang Cobra, this one called Mystichrome, so-named for the colors that appear on chrome exhaust headers after getting hot over time, including hues of blue, green, gold and purple - even a "root-beer" color.

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The Mystic Metallic paint was an $815 option, took BASF three years to develop, and depicts shades of purple, green, teal, gold, and copper. The later New Edge generation continued this offering with what was then called MystiChrome, which was also produced in scant numbers.

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But still not cheap. The Drive FollowView Profile Ford Maverick Owner Recreates Rare Mystichrome Paint Job With Special Clear Wrap Story by James Gilboy • 5h ago One of the rarest, most striking options Ford has ever offered was the Mustang's Mystichrome paint. Sold only on the 2004 model year SVT Cobra, the exclusive color-shifting paint was only applied to around 1,000 cars, and today.

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Attempting to Match Ford's RAREST Paint Color Ever (Mystichrome) DipYourCar 1.2M subscribers 678K views 3 months ago 🚗 Shop All Kits - 🔵 Mystichrome.

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The 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra Mystichrome features an advanced formula of color-shifting paint, first offered in 1996 on the SVT Mustang Cobra with Mystic paint. The original formula changed from black to purple to root-beer brown. Color-Shift Technology

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Ford was the first to use a chromaflair paint on a production car back in 1996 (originally called Mystic). The color was changed in 2004 to help commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Mustang..

Mystic vs. Mystichrome Mustang Cobra YouTube

Vibrant and venomous, the MystiChrome Terminator is one of our favorite Mustangs of all time. The flashy, dynamic MystiChrome paint — only ever offered on the 2004 SVT Cobra — is one of our favorite colors ever. Apparently, Car Throttle is a fan, too, since they recently produced a Facebook video about it.

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Paying homage to the 1996 Mystic Cobra with its color-changing purple to green shifting paint, Ford's SVT division teamed up with DuPont to produce the Mystichrome Cobra. ChromaFlair pigments were added to the paint, which helped shift the color from a bright topaz green to cobalt blue, royal purple, and finally to a deep onyx black.

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I have been looking and looking. Can not find a picture of a 96 mystic and a 04 mystichrome in the same pic to compare the colors. Between different angles and photography trickery it's hard to see the differences when the 96 is low mileage/repainted(I've only seen 15+ year old faded mystic once.

96 Mystic vs. 04 Mystichrome (video)

Mystic vs Mysticrome: Exterior With the SN95 Cobra, the car managed to push itself into the ultra-high-performance market with its 1996 Mystic Cobra and its 240 horsepower V8 and suspension tuning letting it outrun its competition.


Mystic and Mystichrome are often confused/interchanged. Here is a video that shows the differences in color between the 1996 Mystic and 2004 Mystichrome. inthis threadinthis sub-foruminthe entire site Advanced Search Cancel Login / Join What's New Forum Listing

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Most recently, Mystichrome made headlines because Ford used it on a vehicle for the first time since the Terminator Cobra Mustang. California entrepreneur Justin Choice got Ford to paint his brand new Ford GT with the legendary Mystichrome paint.. According to Ford Performance, Ford assured Choice that no other Ford GT would ever get the Mystichrome paint job.

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96 Mystic vs. 04 Mystichrome (video) Mystic and Mystichrome are often confused/interchanged. Here is a video that shows the differences in color between the 1996 Mystic and 2004 Mystichrome Cobras.

96 Mystic vs. 04 Mystichrome (video)

552 23K views 3 years ago #CJPonyParts Bill shows you two of the most colorful special-edition Mustangs, Mystic & Mystichrome. Let us know which special edition you want us to look at next! Show.

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Mystic and Mystichrome are often confused/interchanged. Here is a video that shows the differences in color between the 1996 Mystic and 2004 Mystichrome Cobras. Home. What's new Latest activity Authors. Store. Latest reviews Search products. Forums. New posts Search forums.

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#1 · Dec 5, 2023 The Mystic Cobra, the hundred dollar bill, and the Secret Service - Hagerty Media The prismatic, color-shifting properties of Mystic paint barely scratch the surface of its special nature. Just ask the Secret Service. 96 Mystic: 96 Mystic vs 04 Mystichrome: 04 Mystichrome: 10 Tim!