Ufologist Presents Alleged Ancient Alien Corpses to Mexican Congress

Supposed 'nonhuman' alien corpses shown in Mexico Congress

Mummified 'alien corpses' are from single skeletons and were not assembled, Mexican doctors claim | World News | Sky News Scientists had previously said remains like those displayed in Mexico last week were generally assembled from human and animal bones.

Mysterious NonHuman 'Alien Corpses Unveiled In Mexico

The Mexican Congress was holding a hearing on the existence of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), on Wednesday, September 13, when the alleged Peruvian aliens were hand-delivered in a.

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BBC's journalist Sam Cabral questioned Nasa about the "rather sensational" reports of non-human corpses coming from Mexico, and what importance the agency attaches to them. Officials from the US.

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The presentation made headlines as Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan and Dr Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, the boss of a scientific institute, claimed they were proof of extraterrestrial life. The remains shown were a pair of small, withered-looking bodies with long heads and three fingers on their hands.

Cake Replica of ‘NonHuman’ Alien Bodies Shown to Mexican Government

In a now-viral story, "alien" bodies were unveiled before Mexico's congress Tuesday (Sept. 12). But is there any real science behind this bizarre event? Not by a long shot, according to.

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Two "aliens" that were presented to Mexico's congress by a discredited ufologist were tested by doctors on Tuesday, amid cries from scientists of a hoax. The small skeletons, some 2ft in.

Mexican Expert Presents Alleged Alien Corpses to Congress Alamak.io

If the language is approved, Mexico would become the first nation to formally acknowledge the presence of alien life ever existing on Earth, the Reuters news agency said, citing local media..

Mexico’s nonhuman "Alienlike” beings fake? Can ufologist Jaime

Anna Lagos Science Sep 21, 2023 11:00 AM The Dumb Alien Mummy Story Takes an Entirely Predictable Turn A week ago, two bodies believed to be a muddle of human and animal bones were presented in.

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Key Facts The small mummified corpses, which had elongated heads, three fingers and bodily makeups similar to Hollywood depictions of aliens, were allegedly found in Peru in 2017 and were said by.

Lab Tests Carried Out on Mexico's 'Alien Bodies' ''No Evidence Of Any

Key points: Two shrunken, grey "bodies" were presented to a Mexican congressional hearing on Tuesday Jaime Maussan, a self-proclaimed ufologist, says they were found in Cusco, Peru in 2017 Massaun's previous claims of discovery have been debunked The truth is not so fantastic.

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Alien corpses, according to Jaime Maussan, one of Latin America's most well-known extraterrestrial investigators. During a public audience in the lower house of Mexico's congress on Tuesday.

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Henry Romero /Reuters. MEXICO CITY — Mexico's Congress heard testimony from experts who study extraterrestrials on Tuesday. And the hearing started with a huge surprise. Jaime Maussan, a self.

Ufologist Presents Alleged Ancient Alien Corpses to Mexican Congress

Speaking under oath in the Mexican parliament, he said the beings had big brains and big eyes, but lacked teeth, so likely only drank and did not chew. The bodies, said to have been found in a.

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The Mexico Government just released Photos, DNA and all other details of Aliens. In a mine Aliens were found mummified in 2017. After all scientific research and analysis they concluded that.

Alieni no, quelle presentate al Parlamento messicano non sono mummie

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The lower chamber of Mexico's congress once again turned to spectacle Tuesday, devoting hours of its time to a controversial character who pressed the case for "non-human.

“Alien Specimens” Revealed To Mexican Congress At UFO Hearing

Those Mexican Aliens: just keep in mind that the last time ufologist Jamie Maussan presented mummified alien bodies discovered in Peru to the public in 2018, they were looted corpses of the.