Mclaren Yellow Sharkmouth by Justin S Davis Trading Paints

The McLaren 600LT is an awesome canvas for shark livery!! r/realracing

I think with supercars it looks alright, but looks bad with with normal looking cars. It's interesting. A little dirpy without shark eyes but it's say 6/10. 8/10 if you add eyes or a sick wrap. Edit. Should say if the headlights are on then it might look better without decal eyes. Didn't think of that at first.

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Shark Looking McLaren 720s Fury TopCar Design YouTube

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Ningaloo Reef Shark Livery Mclaren 570S GT4 by Gino Kelleners

Engine: 3.8L Twin-Turbocharged V8. Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic -inc: reverse Seamless Shift Gearbox (SSG) Engine Auto Stop-Start Feature. Transmission w/Driver Selectable Mode, Pre-Cog.

Mclaren 600LT Shark Teeth Shark Week Shark exotic YouTube

Redefine the 720S through your unique vision. Discover MSO. Fuel consumption combined: 12.2l/100km. Estimated C02 emissions combined: 276g/km. Discover McLaren 720S - a lighter, stronger and faster supercar. Raise your limits in the best supercar in the world. Configure your 720S and enquire to buy.

Mclaren Yellow Sharkmouth by Justin S Davis Trading Paints

Fighter Plane Mercedes SLR Mclaren HDK 08 Looks Like a P-51 Mustang With Shark Teeth Mihnea Radu November 22, 2023 The HDK, which stands for High Downforce Kit, is a special evolution of the Mercedes SLR McLaren built by the team at MSO (McLaren Special Operations).

The Great White Shark McLaren 720S Super Series

Forged in aluminium alloy and bespoke to the 600LT, the exclusive 10-spoke design reduces weight but is incredibly strong. In conjunction with bespoke P ZERO™ Trofeo R tyres engineered with technical partner Pirelli, the gross saving is 17kg. And the reduction in unsprung weight provides a noticeable benefit to the dynamic capabilities.

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Like the 570S, the 600LT uses the familiar 3.8-liter version of McLaren's twin-turbocharged V-8, which has been turned up slightly to produce 592 horsepower (the "600" of the model designation.

Shark Bait McLaren 600LT r/ForzaHorizon

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McLaren 600LT With Shark Teeth YouTube

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ESSO Ultron Shark Mouth by Justin S Davis Trading Paints

Discover Bordering on obsession Extreme weight-saving measures are at the heart of every McLaren LT. For For this fast & light supercar, a reduction of 96kg against the DIN weight of a 570S was targeted - and achieved. There is new carbon fibre bodywork in addition to the unique-in-class carbon fibre chassis.

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2. Weight. Dry Weight (Lightest) 1,247kg (2,749lbs) DIN Kerb Weight. 1,356kg (2,989lbs) Discover McLaren 600LT facts and figures - top speed, acceleration, max power, torque, weight, braking and more. Enquire to buy.

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Mclaren 600LT. Not really, it's probably just a vinyl wrap. I think the rear of it looks great though. This the dumbest shit I've seen all day. Looks methed out. r/ATBGE. Well bud, when you buy your own McLaren, you can wrap it however you want :) This is the coolest wrap I have seen yet I think!

Camo Shark McLaren MP412C GT3 mekloeh by Moritz E. Trading Paints

Discover. Intense specification. The McLaren 600LT Spider shares the same pumped-up 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine as the 600LT. Which means its power is boosted with an extra 30PS and 20Nm of torque. It also comes with the same super-fast Inertia Push gearshifts. The same Active Dynamics for pin-sharp handling.

Shark Bait McLaren 600LT r/ForzaHorizon

Shark Bait McLaren 600LT. Related Topics Forza Racing video game Gaming comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment Ryzza5 •. I had to hand make the teeth, it took a really long time because the fronts on McLaren's are always wonky 👌🏾