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December 16, 2022 Once you get to plug welds on the firewall, the finish line is starting to close in. Matt's Off-Road Recovery Matt's Off-Road Recovery is making great progress on their awesome Off Road Wrecker project, a massive, custom-built recovery vehicle for when things get truly bleak.

MattsOffRoadRecovery Goes Mudding for the First Time in East Tennessee

Traxxas hauler and the banana from Matt's off road recovery and the defender doing some trails at flat rock park

OffRoading Corvair Wagon Tows Broken Hummer H1 Through Rocky Desert

By Elainna Ciaramella In just three and a half years since the YouTube channel started in 2019, Matt's Off-Road Recovery has become a national sensation with nearly 1.5 million subscribers and growing. What makes this YouTube success story intriguing is the channel's atypical creator, Matt Wetzel, a rugged, big-bearded, technology-impaired, middle-aged tow truck driver from Hurricane, Utah.

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Videos Play all This Chevy Is Going To Need More Than A Rescue! 285K views10 hours ago Did We Lose The Tangerine Forever?! 676K views3 days ago I Never Expected This To Happen.Major Fall! 1M.

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Forgot Account? Matt's Offroad Recovery July 9, 2020 · Check out Fab Rats latest video! MATT brings the Jeep to FAB RATS garage!! MATT brings the Jeep to FAB RATS garage!! #mattsoffroadrecovery #exhaustsystem #fabrats #makeitpermanent Matt, from Matt's Off Road Recovery brought the Litt. 235

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686 videos 912,002 views Updated yesterday All of Matts videos in 1 easy to find place! Play all Shuffle 1 We Found The Biggest Problem With The Ford Bronco! Matt's Off Road Recovery.

Massive Boom Installed On The World's Largest Off Road Wrecker YouTube

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THE BANANA GETS PEELED! We Cut The Roof Off Matt’s Off Road Recovery

Instant Regret.Flooded Jeep Gets Totaled! Watch on You Took Your Jeep Up Suicide Road?! Watch on There's NO WAY you'll recover that Chevy Truck!!! Watch on Recovering Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains


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That Lifted Chevy Corvair Wagon Built for OffRoad Recoveries Is

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Katelynn is supposed to be the new blonde hottie to replace Lizzie. Per your article, she has some skill in offroad stuff and would therefore be a good addition for conducting offroad recoveries. Based on the video released today (2023-10-22), she is lacking in fabrication skills.

Matt's Off Road Recovery hits Moab with us!! YouTube 3.8 Premium[1.47]changes:-new road Erzurum-Erzincan[TR]-fixed reported problems-updated for 1.47if you have en.

Just A Car Guy Matt's Off Road just made this heavy duty hard core IH

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Matt's Off-Road Recovery/YouTube The Matt's Off-Road Recovery crew is at it again, this time coming to the rescue of a Polaris RZR driver who had a very rough day. When the UTV went over a trail's outer berm and down a cliff, it ended up beached and unable to get back up to the track. In cases like this, MORR is the first and only call.

Matt Explains the World’s Largest OffRoad Wrecker UTV Driver

282 25K views 3 years ago MATT'S OFF-ROAD RECOVERY What happened before Matt's Off Road Recovery? Cars were abandoned! @MattsOffRoadRecovery So We got a Call, all 3 cars appear to have been.