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Failure Date: 03/12/2021. Paint (pearl white) began peeling off in June 2019 on the front t and back of the roof trim. On March 12, 2021 the paint has now started peeling from the passenger left side door. Also, the vehicle has major electrical problems- the power windows ( all but the driver's window) quit operating on January 27, 2021.

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• White Paint Warranty Extension Launch (22-BD-010H) 12/2/22. Warranty Extension Description: Certain 2017 -2018MY Elantra (ADa), Sonata (LFa), and Santa Fe Sport (AN) vehicles manufactured by Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama ("HMMA") may exhibit peeling or bubbling of the white paint in various areas of the vehicle, most

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White Paint Delamination Warranty Extension Pearl White Paint Date: January 10, 2020 Attention: Retailer Principal, Sales, Parts, Service. A. No. This is not a recall. This is a warranty extension, which requires a variable client copayment based on how many months the vehicle is outside of the new vehicle limited warranty. Q. Are all 2011.

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Next, Be prepared with your documentation , have it scanned on to your computer and ready to send as attachments to KIA. ( Upload all your photos and documents ) Then, contact KIA CORPORATE AMERICA. 1-949-468-4800 or customer service 1-800-333-4542. Tell them of your rapid Delamination and paint peeling .

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Check for any outstanding recalls on your vehicle with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Visit Kia Canada Recall.

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#1 · Sep 7, 2019 Hello friends. My name is Glenn and I have a really sad paint problem with my 2012 Kia Optima EX, especially considering that the rest of the car is aging so well (no mechanical or operational issues according to my trusted private auto mechanic and also the service team at my local dealership.

8+ Toyota Paint Recall Article uhsnzbam

Find out if your Kia vehicle has any recall issues and how to get them fixed. Enter your VIN and access the My Recalls portal on Kia Canada.

KIA Sportage Clear White Auto K227862 YouTube

3 Aserrano1983 • 4 mo. ago After allot of time waiting and calling back, they reached an answer. They used my estimates to decide. They took the cheapest estimate i got a year ago and offered to pay 50/50 and i had to get it done at the dealer. The cheapest price wasn't the dealer.

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KIA and Hyundai Defective Paint Class Action Group. 2,892 likes · 17 talking about this. Any color KIA or Hyundai peeling, chipping bubbling- Defective.

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Corrective Actions: Kia will notify owners by mail and advise you to take your vehicle to a dealership to replace the fuse (s) for the HECU. Kia recommends that you should park your vehicle outdoors and away from other vehicles or structures until the recall repairs have been completed.

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Resilient clear coats preserve a shine for many years with just periodic car washes and seasonal waxing. But there are some models that develop a larger share of paint problems, including.

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B. bob2c Discussion starter. 133 posts · Joined 2019. #5 · Sep 27, 2022. Sand, primer, base coat, mid coat, clear. The pearl requires the extra coat of paint. Cans are labeled step 1 and 2. Yeah the other side wasn't peeling. I'll just wait because it's easy to prep when it's peeling.

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Review updated: Oct 17, 2023 Resolved Featured review I bought a Kia Optima 2012 (Dark Cherry) this Summer, and in less than one month the paint had deteriorated from bird dung, insect debris and from the minimal snow flurries we had this Nov. 27th!

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Owners may contact Kia customer service at 1-800-333-4542. Kia's number for this recall is SC275. Kia Recalls 2023 Sportage over Brake Booster. Potential Number of Units Affected.

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Take action and file a NHTSA complaint at the link below and join the Facebook Group "KIA SORENTO SNOW WHITE PAINT PEELING CHIPPING AND DELAMINATION" Hi there KIA friends ! I'm the maker of this page and I own a 2014 Kia Sorento that the peeling is rapidly peeling off ( or what the body shops call Delamination ) .

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Kia Car maintenance and service. Assure the best care for your car by providing authorized service and original parts.