Jeep Cherokee XJ, Trail Warrior

Jeep Cherokee XJ, Trail Warrior

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Why Enthusiasts Love the Jeep Cherokee XJ

With well over 300 Custom Built Cherokees on the market and an additional 200 Original Cherokee XJs. We build everything from original factory spec to rugged yet classy daily drivers to extreme off roading XJs. The Cherokee XJ is an amazing vehicle known for its great off roading capability, classic design, and legendary 4.0 motor and drivetrain.

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For the rear, look at a set of long add-a-leaf springs to supplement the factory leaf packs. These should add 2-2.5 inches of suspension lift, and the long ones don't make the ride that much.

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$24,395 Next-Gen 2025 Jeep Cherokee Goes Back to Blocky XJ Roots, Albeit Only Virtually © Provided by Motorcycle Sports US For example, the Jeep Cherokee nameplate - taking its moniker.

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The XJ, in contrast, was a revelation. It carried over the Cherokee name but shrunk from a full-size SUV to a compact. It used a lightweight unibody construction instead of the classic body-on-frame —which meant the new Cherokee dropped about 1,000 pounds of curb weight versus the previous vehicle while keeping most of the same interior volume.

Three Reasons Why the XJ Cherokee is so Awesome

Murphy Motor Co. of Youngsville. $50,750 MSRP. 2023 Jeep Gladiator. 10 miles. Crossroads Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Henders. $44,550 MSRP. 2023 Jeep Gladiator. 23 miles. Crossroads Chrysler.

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Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport For sale - Low Mileage Original Cherokee XJ For Sale — Davis AutoSports 0 Here at Davis AutoSports, we offer the nicest, lowest mileage original Cherokee XJ's in the entire country. We have sold 100s of original XJs over the years as our original passion came from finding these amazing Jeeps unmolested and in stock form.

1999 Jeep Cherokee Turbo Diesel XJ CarBuff Network

As one of the last SUV's sold in North America with a solid front axle, the Jeep Cherokee XJ was a monumental vehicle that left a lasting impact on our hobby and industry. As is the case with.

Lifted Cherokee XJ For Sale / Jeep Cherokee Lifted For sale / Davis

Jeep Cherokee XJ Buyer's Guide February 23, 2016 Story By Ali Mansour It has four doors, solid axles, and a ridiculous amount of aftermarket support. While it might sound like we're talking about the wildly popular Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK, we're actually referring to the more budge- friendly seven-slot 4x4, the Jeep Cherokee XJ.

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The process of downsizing Jeep's SJ full-size four-wheel-drive station wagons into the XJ Cherokee should have been rather straightforward: Make it smaller, make it lighter, give it a similar pickup counterpart, and send it out in the world to prove that Jeep could build a better four-wheel-drive vehicle than anybody else.

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The XJ Cherokee is sometimes referred to as the "disposable hero" because of how cheap they are. You can pick up a nice XJ for around $1,500 and with minimal modifications, you can go pretty much anywhere you want. Unfortunately, everyone realized how cheap and awesome XJs are and now the prices are slowly starting to rise.

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Jeep Cherokee XJ (XJ meaning eXperimental Jeep) is part of Jeep's line of SUVs that originally began as a Jeep Wagoneer (SJ) variant. Produced from 1984 to 2001 (up to 2005 in Beijing), this 2-door station-wagon precursor charmed enthusiasts with its serious off-roading capabilities and build potential.

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The 2023 Jeep® Cherokee is built for on and off-road adventures. Explore the pricing and capability of the Jeep Cherokee mid-size SUV. Enjoy the journey!

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This page will detail the stock specs of the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) which was produced between 1984 - 2001 in the United States. That is a remarkable 18 year lifespan in which 2,884,172 Jeep Cherokees rolled off the assembly line! Originally designed and built by AMC, Chrysler continued the same design when they bought AMC in 1987.

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Known as the XJ, the second generation Cherokee was a series of compact SUVs available in two or four door variants. The XJ was offered with a range of inline four, inline six, and V6 engines. The Cherokee XJ has gone on to become one of the most iconic 4x4 cars. It is a highly capable on and off-road car, and features simple and timeless styling.

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Enthusiasts refer to the Cherokee by its internal code, XJ. Its Liberty replacement was called the KJ, and the current Cherokee is the KL. The current Cherokee is based on a front-wheel-drive chassis related more to the now-discontinued Chrysler 200 than to the larger, rear-wheel-drive Grand Cherokee.