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Run with a stock cam and two-barrel Rochester carb, the mild 350 produced 246 hp and 364 lb-ft of torque. When all was said and done, we had a stone-stock, two-barrel 355 with a stock cam that.

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1. Switch to a performance air filter: To improve horsepower and efficiency, you need to get more air and fuel into and out of your engine. Switching to a performance air filter allows more air to flow freely to your engine. 2. Add a cold-air intake system: A cold-air intake system will route cooler outside air into the engine.

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Conclusion. In essence, achieving a horsepower boost of 450 to a 350 Chevy motor involves a careful consideration of several key components. First and foremost, upgrading the engine block and rotating assembly will provide a solid foundation for enhanced power output.

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Mount the new regulator and bump the pressure to 13 psi. You won't be able to go much higher because stock pumps generally can't generate more than 14 or 15 psi. Keep in mind that raising the fuel.

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Here are some more detailed steps on how to add horsepower to your car: 1. Install a Cold Air Intake. Cold air is dense air. When the air is colder, there is more of it per volume. It's the same condition you see when you take a balloon into the colder air.

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If you don't have a lot of time or money, but want to increase horsepower to an older vehicle for cheap, here are the 3 best ways to go about it!Buy Midwest.

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Step 1. Modify your air intake. This can be done in a variety of ways, from simply installing a K & N air filter to installing a complete cold-air-intake system. A cold-air-intake system, also offered by K&N, will gain the most horsepower, but is the most expensive. The more cool air your motor can take in, the more horsepower it can generate.

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It's a 5.7L (350 cubic inch) small-block, V8 engine with a 4.00-inch bore and a 3.48-inch stroke. Depending on the year, make, and model of the car that it is equipped in, this engine is capable of outputting between 145 to 370 horsepower. Below, we'll cover the history of this engine, what vehicles it is found in, and the answers to.

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And if you commit your car to a strict diet of premium gas, you can see significant horsepower gains by advancing the spark. Give it a try and push the timing in 1- or 2-degree increments. If you.

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Dyno tuning will typically aim at optimizing the fuel system and ignition. A well-equipped dyno shop will have equipment to monitor the air/fuel ratio, the car will be run under various loads and.

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31 posts ยท Joined 2004. #4 ยท Jan 29, 2006. If it is a stock non emmissions 350 You can get a little more power by switching to about a 252H cam, a nice dual plane aluminum intake and about a 500-600 cfm vac sec carborator. However in my honest opinion I would save a litle more $ for a nice set of heads,and about a 270h cam (depending on the.

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Chevy 350 Horsepower Kits . There are many ways to increase the horsepower of a Chevy 350 engine. One way is to install a performance chip or ECU. These devices will optimize the air/fuel mixture and timing, resulting in more power. Another way to increase power is by installing headers and a free-flowing exhaust system.

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Phase 1: 100 hp. Obviously, coaxing more power out of a two-barrel 355 isn't particularly difficult, especially given the vast array of performance products available. The first 100 hp is the.

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It's a HorsePower first - the buildup of a classic Buick 350 small block. From the boneyard to the dyno cell, discover how to enhance the factory performance.

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Installing a high-flow air intake system can improve airflow to the engine, allowing for better combustion and increased horsepower. Consider upgrading to a cold air intake or a performance air filter. A-Team Performance - Long-Style High-Flow Mechanical Long Water Pump - Compatible with Small Block Chevrolet 265 267 283 302 305 307 327 350 400.