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SPECIFICATIONS Holden HT Monaro GTS 350 Production 1969 700 (estimate) Engine 5733cc V8, OHV, 16v, four-barrel Rochester carburettor Power 224kW @ 4800rpm, 515Nm @ 3200rpm Weight 1380kg Gearbox 4-speed manual Wheels 14 x 6.0-inch, 14 x 6.95 tubeless Brakes discs (f), drums (r) 0-97km/h 8.1sec 0-400m 15.8sec

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The Holden Monaro ( / mษ™หˆnษ‘หroสŠ / Mon-AH-ro) is a car which was manufactured by General Motors ' Australian division Holden. It has a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and was produced with a two-door coupรฉ body from 1968 to 1975 and again from 2001 to 2006 and with a 4-door sedan body from 1973 to 1977.

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The HK Monaro GTS 327 was the car that started the Holden racing journey. A winner on and off the track when it arrived in 1968, the HK Monaro GTS 327 arguably changed the course of Holden forever.

1970 Holden HG Monaro GTS Coupe 350 Muscle Cars For Sale Muscle Car

Holden was the first company to assemble bodies for Ford in Australia and by 1924 was the exclusive supplier in Australia of car bodies for the US-based General Motors. An historical General.

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1968 HOLDEN HK PREMIER- $69,999. The HK Holden series received great success during its short production run in 1968. The HK. series featured a broad model selection, from the modest Belmont, all the way to the Bathurst. specialist, the Monaro GTS 327. HK Holden's remain a staple amongst enthusiasts and.

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The latest back issues of Australian MUSCLE CAR Magazine, available to order in hard copy print format or instantly available as part of Australian MUSCLE CAR Magazine Premium membership.. Top 10: Best Holden muscle cars of all-time. feature. Top 10: Best Aussie-made Fords of all-time. feature. Ford Falcon XB John Goss Special could fetch $250k.

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Top 10: Best Holden muscle cars of all-time โ€ข Australian MUSCLE CAR Magazine Home Features feature Top 10: Best Holden muscle cars of all-time We've looked at Ford, now it's Holden's turn to rate the best of the best Australian-made hero models.

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Uneconomic numbers, really: Ford Australia's best sales year was 1984 at 155,000 cars; Holden's was in 2004 at 165,000. Not surprising given the current combined population of New Zealand and Australia is only 30 million.. Muscle Car UK is the UK's leading specialist Mustang and Muscle Car dealership. We import American muscle cars.

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It introduced a number of new names for its variants, including Monaro - a name given to its sporting muscle cars. Holden's sales were on the up. In 1969 the firm built its two millionth car.

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The Holden Commodore was a muscle car that was only sold in Australia. The carmaker was owned by . General Motors, competing with other U.S. car brands, like Chrysler and Ford, in the Australian market. Holden officially folded in 2020 after shutting down the country's last factory near Adelaide. Domestic production and export manufacturing.

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We show you our top 10 Holden Muscle Cars of all time. Our top 10 Holden Muscle cars include: HZ Sandman Panel Van, VN HDT Aero Commodore, HQ Monaro GTS, HT.

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Holden is the Australian subsidiary of the automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM).. Muscle car: 1970-1971 Second generation (1971-1977) Model Class Production HQ Monaro Muscle car: 1971-1974 HJ Monaro: Muscle car: 1974-1976 HX Monaro Muscle car: 1976-1977

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The Holden Torana A9X wasn't sold as the special model it is, instead, it was introduced as an optional package; the Performance Equipment Package. This optional package was introduced as part of an upgrade option for the 1977 model of the LX Torana which includes the SS hatchback models and the SLR 5000 sedan models. via WhichCar.

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The Holden muscle car is a vehicle that was manufactured by the Holden company in Australia. The company was originally founded in 1856 as a saddle and harness maker, but eventually began to produce cars in 1908. The first Holden muscle car was released in 1967, and was based on the Holden HT Monaro.

Holden Muscle Car Masters 2019 Torana Club

Holden Muscle Holden Classic Late Model HX Holden Monaro 1976 5.0 litte V8 Monaro Matching Numbers Fully Restored Nothing to spen. $105,000 SOLDADS FROM $10 1977 HOLDEN LX TORANA HATCHBACK The LX series Torana came to fruition in 1976 following the successful LH body s. $0 SOLDADS FROM $10

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To celebrate we're looking back at the brand's greatest muscle cars from throughout its time, the ones inspired by its racing heritage over the decades. The Holden story began with the 48-215 but the muscle car legend began with the arrival of the Monaro. Specifically the HK Monaro GTS in 1967 which not only looked tough but had the muscle.