Tommy Gate® Ford Transit 2016 Cantilever Series Liftgate

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CUES, Inc. Is an authorized Tommy Gate dealer and installer. We installed this new Tommy Gate onto a customer's Ford Transit van, to allow for easier loading.

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700 lbs. View Details. 650 Series Low-capacity, compact, and internally-mounted, the 650 Series is the ideal liftgate for lightweight van applications. 650 Series models fold up and store out of the way of ordinary tasks or flat against the inside of the rear door.

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Say "Hello" to the LiftGator VLG, the industry-leading liftgate for commercial Ford transit applications, cost-effective, easy to use, and low maintenance. Skip to content (605) 753-0919 [email protected]

Tommy Gate® Ford Transit 2016 Cantilever Series Liftgate

Ford Transit® "medium-height" models are compatible with EF71 platform. Some Ford Transit® installations may require a separate connection point kit to be ordered from Ford.. Tommy Gate has new Cantilever liftgate applications for the Ford Transit commercial van. Read More. 2014 Ram Promaster: New Applications.

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XLT w/Rear Liftgate Cargo Van 2023 Ford Transit Connect. More Photos Retail Price. $36,275 MSRP / Window Sticker Price. Find Best Price. Engine: 2.0L I-4: MPG: 24 City / 26 Hwy.

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Tommy Gate Cantilever Lift Gate for Ford Transit Vans $ 7,752.00. Catalog Number: TG-CVL-AF-1330 EF. Tommy Gate. Tommy Gate Steel Lift Gate for Cargo Vans 650 Series $ 3,497.00. Catalog Number: TG-650. Tommy Gate. Tommy Gate V2 Liftgate for Cargo Vans 1100lb Capacity V2-56-1140 FA $ 6,182.00.

2022 Ford Transit Connect Titanium w/Rear Liftgate Passenger Wagon LWB Pictures

Maxon's GPC X1-LDF-series liftgates are the lightest cantilever-type liftgate solutions for Cargo Vans. These gates come with a fold-over platform. KEY FEATURES: Lightest liftgate in its class (fewest amount of parts due to the patented X1 technology) Split platform model (GPC X1-LDF) Ultra-slim control box (1/5" thick) Bolt-on installation

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Commercial Van Liftgate Brochure: 841kb: 2022 Ford Electric E-Transit Commercial Van Flyer: V2 Series - Chevy Express/ GMC Savana : 620kb: Estimated Installation Times: 452kb:. (Ford Transit -OTHER THAN Extended Body-Excludes Low Roof 2015-PRESENT) 60kb: Cargo Van - V2 Series Parts List: 456kb:

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With EVs making inroads into the commercial vehicle market, the most frequently asked question when discussing liftgate applications seems to be, "How will the liftgate affect the driving range?" So, we decided to test the V2 Series Internal Van Liftgate on a 2022 Ford® All-electric E-Transit. PUTTING THE V2 SERIES LIFTGATE TO THE TEST

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Product Details. Tommy Gate Cantilever Liftgate for Ford Transit Model CVL-AF-1330 EF52 for standard roof and CVL-AE-1330 EF71 for high roof vans, will provide drivers with the look, feel, and efficiency of this versatile machine. The unique, laterally-folding platform allows access to the rear of the vehicle while in its stored position.

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The 2024 Ford E-Transit cargo van receives a larger battery and an additional onboard charger to improve charging speeds.; The new battery has 89.0-kWh of usable capacity, which Ford says improves.

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Liftgate Features: 500-lb. load lifting capacity provided by heavy duty electronic actuator. 16″ x 20″ detachable platform with strap bar to secure items while lifting. Remote control with heavy duty coiled wiring. Effortless bearing rotation with built-in hand brake. 1-1/2 hour installation with included mounting hardware.

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The average Ford Transit Connect Cargo XL FWD with Rear Liftgate costs about $12,818.50. The average price has decreased by -15.8% since last year. The 23 for sale on CarGurus range from $2,995 to $23,995 in price.

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At CARiD you will find the widest choice of premium Ford Transit Van Lift Gates from world-renowned brands. Car & Truck. Boating; Motorcycle; Powersports; RV / Camper; Recreation; Semi Truck; Tools; CAR ID. 0 Change. Shopping Cart 0. Parts;. Liftgator® 50 VanGator Liftgate. 0 # sp254142. 50 VanGator Liftgate by Liftgator®. 48" (W) x 50" (L.

Tommy Gate CantileverSeries liftgates for cargo vans

The 650 Series application for the 2014-2018 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT CAN NOT rotate inward and store against the driver side wall. Applications & Brackets - Cargo Van → 650 Series. Tommy Gate has released new liftgate applications for the 2015 Ford Transit. Read More. Tommy Gate Expands Woodbine Factory. An additional 10,000 square feet will.

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As specialists in c ommercial upfits with more than 40 years of experience in the market, Van Products offers a wide catalogue of Tommy Gate lifts for Ford Transit vehicles.. Tommy Gate is a premier brand of lift gates made in the United States. As a recognized leader in the commercial and industrial hydraulic lift industry, we proudly bring Tommy Gate products straight to you and your fleet.