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The 272 made 162 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. All basic Ford products received this engine. The 292 engine gave Thunderbird and Mercury drivers 193 horsepower and 280 pound-feet. With this engine, the 1955 Thunderbird rocketed from zero to sixty in just 9.4 seconds. The Glory Days

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Ford's original overhead valve V8 engines, introduced in 1954 and known more commonly as the Y-block due to its deep-skirted block, started life at 239 cubic inches (3.9 l) and maxed out at 312 (5.1 L). While the last version of the Y-block, the 292 V8, hung around until the end of 1962, it was well past its sell-by date.

FORD YBLOCK V8 ENGINE 292 CUBIC INCHES CIRC for sale Hemmings Motor News

The Y Block 292 only became publicly available as an option in the Ford Thunderbird V8 and Montclair in 1956, and became common in Ford trucks until 1964, when the 292 went out of use. Internationally, the Australian arm of Ford included the Y Block 292 in Customline 4-door sedans and a "Mainline" utility vehicle from 1955 to 1959.

FORD YBLOCK V8 ENGINE 292 CUBIC INCHES CIRC for sale Hemmings Motor News

The Ford Y-block is a stodgy old cast-iron American V-8 that has taken a lot of research and development to produce respectable horsepower and torque at the Engine Masters Challenge. The Ford.

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Location: Ozark Mo Posts: 270 Likes: 0 Received 2 Likes on 2 Posts 292 Crate Motor Vendors? im playing with the idea of installing a period correct 292 in my 64. i just want to find a crate motor. any ideas of who sells em? hows the 292 hold up in regards to engine quality? opinions welcomed Reply Like # 2 08-15-2013, 09:19 AM hiball3985


The Ford 292 V8 engine first appeared in 1955 and was used in Ford production cars until the end of 1962. Ford kept their 292 V8 around for the popular Ford F-100 pick-up truck until 1964. The Ford 292 gained quite a bit of popularity due to the fact that it was used as the standard base engine in the all-new Ford Thunderbird.

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292ci. Ford Y-Block Motor build and Dyno pull-ARP - American Racing Products, Bendtsen Transmission Adapters, Clay Smith Cams, Eastwood Company, Egge Machine.

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Originally rebuilt for a 1964 F-100, 292 Y-Block is ready to go into a new project with included transmission and correct paint. Our Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace has everything you could ever want, from completed projects to the final piece of the puzzle for your project.

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Posted 09/23/21 by Jim Smart Last updated on 03/08/2022 (Image/Jim Smart) Ford's first overhead valve V8, the Y-Block, remains the engine of choice for a lot of hotrodders. By modern standards, the Y-Block is dated with its stacked intake ports and solid tappets that must be installed first. It is also—by far—the most handsome V-8 ever done.

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This information is provided to help Y-Block owners identify the engine or parts they have,avoid assembly errors and choose the best parts for their next project. The Y-Block was introduced in 1954 as 239 in Ford cars and trucks and 256 in Mercury's. The 272 and 292 engines were introduced in 1955. The 292 was used in T-Bird's, Mercury's and.

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292 Ford Y-Block V8 Parts In Stock & Ships Fast Category Part Brand Application Department Race Type Availability Ships Free 96 Discounts Make Platform Price Customer Rating Garage Sale Find Parts That Fit Your Vehicle Select A Vehicle Engine Ignition, Charging and Starting Electrical, Lighting and Wiring Headers and Exhaust Cooling and Heating

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The first iterations of the Y-block V8 engines showed a considerable increase in brake horsepower. With 130 bhp, the 239 cu-in Y-block V8 delivered 18% more power to the wheels than the Flathead.

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If bearing clearances are OK, (usually indicated by good oil pressure) adequate compression, rockers oiling adequately and rear main seal isn't leaking, it will be a solid driver. as good as any in the late 50s/early 60s. All the stuff I mentioned can be fixed, just cost money and time, KenC, May 22, 2023 SHARE POST #3

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Most 312/292 parts are available new as after market parts. New Blocks and 312 crankshafts are not available at this time. The cylinder bore must not exceed .065" otherwise that cylinder must be sleeved. Once you have a certified rebuildable block, the next step is to clean out the rust deposits in the water jacket.

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Predecessor: Ford L-Head engine (Flathead V8) Successor: Ford FE engine, Ford Windsor engine.. But the introduction of the 265 by Chevrolet in 1955 moved plans up in that the 272 was moved into the Ford spot and the 292 moved into the Mercury spot instead. The 256 engines subsequently were not offered in the Ford lineup and likewise, the 272.