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Europe is the continent on which the modern sports car arguably originated, with roots linking the hot coupes and roadsters plying the roads today with their German and British predecessors of fifty years ago.

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10 Classic European Sports Cars Worth Collecting By Chloe Clougher Published Jul 5, 2023 Owning a classic sports car is on the wishlist of most gearheads, and these European models deliver on performance, style, and exclusivity. Bring a Trailer

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Overall view of European Sportscar season. Race and qualifying results, stats of drivers, teams and cars

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European sports cars are also known for their powerful engines, which may vary from turbocharged four-cylinder engines to V-8 and even a few V-12 engines. No matter the engine configuration.

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European Sports Cars | Undiscovered Classics Category Archives: European Sports Cars 1971 Porsche 914/6 Hispano-Aleman Vizcaya by Frua Posted on July 24, 2020 by Geoff Hacker Reply The 1971 Hispano-Aleman Vizcaya Sports Car - Styled By Frua Hi Gang…

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December 20, 2023. Photo: MPS Agency. Job van Uitert and Reshad de Gerus will move to IDEC Sport for next year's European Le Mans Series campaign. The two drivers will partner up with team.

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Europe is considered the greatest powerhouse in producing exceptional sports cars, having legendary brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini. The continent has produced some of the most iconic cars the world has ever seen, setting new standards and raising expectations across the board.

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Car making is a strategic industry in Europe. It is one of the things that unite the European Union, creating strong connections between the economies of the countries. Every year, almost 20 million vehicles are produced in the EU. There are over 300 plants across Europe providing jobs for 12 million people and accounting for about 4% of its GDP.

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Here are the ten most exciting European sports cars for 2023. 10 BMW M2 BMW The second generation of the BMW M2 builds on a winning formula. It boasts all the elements of a high-performance sports car, including a potent twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine from its bigger siblings, the M3 and M4.

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Sleek and unique, European sports cars have trailblazed the auto industry. But just because they're speed machines, doesn't mean they're out of your price range. Written by Elaine Duvet. Reviewed by Kathleen Flear. Updated on . May 1, 2022. Table of Contents. 2015 sports car stars;

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Europe is a haven for sports car enthusiasts who demand both exhilarating performance and luxurious comfort. From Italian supercars to German precision machines, the continent has produced some of the world's most desirable and iconic sports cars. These European sports cars offer the perfect blend of speed, handling, and comfort.

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With some of the world's premier sports cars originating from Europe, we look at 10 of the very best options for enthusiasts. HotCars Newsletter Log in TrendingNews Reviews Car Guides HotCars' Best Cars Exclusives

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2021 Best Selling Sports Cars In Europe (All Models Ranked) In 2021, 4% more exotic cars were delivered to customers in in Europe, beating the overall market which is down 2%. The large sports car segment trails the overall market with a 5% decline, while the compact sports car segment also continues to lose share with a 13% drop in deliveries.

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And, Franco's European's continued success is due to Franco, who has provided unrivaled strong leadership since 1990 and his expert mechanics' lifetimes of experience.. He and his family moved to California in 1986 where he finally opened "Franco's European Sports Cars" in 1990, where the shop has been ever since..

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Updated 1:30 AM PST, December 17, 2023. BEIJING (AP) — Nissan Motor Co. is expanding its research ties with a leading Chinese university as it and other foreign car companies try to claw back market share in the important Chinese market. The Japanese automaker announced Sunday that it would launch joint research next year with Tsinghua.

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clean examples of this car for under $11,000 today. RELATED: The Porsche 928 S4 Club Sport Is A Collector's Dream Classic Car. type of European sports car. the iconic E31 series is one of the.