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Published May 4, 2023 It's not evolution. It's remastering. Transform your Cassette Beasts with a few tips from us. This article is part of a directory: Cassette Beasts: Complete Guide Table of contents Quick Links Five-Star All Your Friends Rest Up, Remaster Philosophy 101 A Few Oddities

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Welcome to the official Cassette Beasts Wiki! We currently have 766 articles about the monster-fusing RPG from Bytten Studio . Cassette Beasts Announcement Trailer Collect awesome monsters to use during turn-based battles in this open-world RPG.

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Cassette Beasts features branched evolution and its own unique system known as "remastering". Honestly, a breath of fresh air for a system like this!-----.

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History In Cassette Beasts, each member of the player's team takes the form of a monster species in battle. When fighting, the player can choose to record an opponent's monster using a tape, expanding the set of monsters they can use in battle.

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Cassette Beasts is a new hit currently gaining momentum over on Steam. The title is reminiscent of Pokemon with the ability to battle, level up, and evolve your team over time. While the game has garnered comparisons to Pokemon, the evolution system is actually more reminiscent of Digimon.

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Today, we're checking out the starter evolutions in Cassette Beasts! -----Make sure to Subscribe for more Monster Taming Content!-----Check Out The.

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Price: £16.75/€20/$20 Reviewed on: Intel Core i9-11900K, 16GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 3080, Windows 10 + Steam Deck My name is Katharine and I'm a reformed Pokéaddict. I thought I'd get that out there right at the start, because you can't really talk about Cassette Beasts without talking a bit about Pokémon.

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Welcome to our Cassette Beasts (2023) walkthrough guide. Developed by just two people, Cassette Beasts is an open world RPG that plays much like Pokemon, but with the twist of combining monsters.

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Remastery Remaster a tape Pinnacle of Evolution Obtain a monster form thought impossible to find. Simply remaster an Astral-type Traffikrab. Not required for Expert Zoologist/Cassette Beasts Master.. Unstable Fusions feature the Cassette Beast Anathema as the other half of the Fusion. Anathema can divide itself and almost always uses Self.

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1 base form 2 separate middle stages 2 separate final stages Spooky You`ll be a part of the essence of the Banshee, and its starter evolution has the following characteristics: Moves (Smack, Shear Luck, Battering Ram, Sharpen, Bite, Elemental Wall, Cotton on) Power (30-80) Medium damage

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The evolution system in Cassette Beasts is pretty simple, yet it still requires some effort to master. All you have to do is reach 5 stars on your cassette monsters and then visit a campfire/café table to remaster it. While completing quests, you can also obtain rare upside-down grapes that can increase one of your beasts' stars by one.

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Battle. Transform. Collect awesome monster forms to use in turn-based battles in this indie open-world RPG. Combine any two monster forms using Cassette Beasts' Fusion System to create unique and powerful new ones! Available now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Game Pass. Buy on Steam Subscribe For News

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Published Apr 28, 2023 Players that would like to evolve their monsters in Cassette Beasts can find details on the game's remaster mechanic in this guide. Remastering is Cassette Beasts '.

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#002 Hopskin Beast Catch at Cherry Cross Station, New London Remaster from Springheel choose Vagabond #003 Ripterra Beast Catch at New London Remasters from Hopskin #004 Snoopin Beast Catch at Cherry Cross Station, New London Remaster from Springheel choose Thief #005 Scampire Beast

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Monsters in Cassette Beasts have the ability to evolve into more exciting and more powerful forms!