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NIO says ET7 achieves drag coefficient of 0.208, same as Tesla Model S

A low coefficient is conducive to high top speed and low fuel consumption, while a higher drag coefficient is generally found in cars searching for high cornering speeds influenced by downforce.

New Model S has a drag coefficient (with wheels in motion) of 0.208

Low drag coefficients are particularly important for electric cars, because the more efficient an EV is, the fewer batteries are required, which helps to reduce cost and weight. Lower weight, in.

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The Lucid Air's drag coefficient is only 0.21. As such, optimizing a car for low drag has become more important, first as regulators in Europe demanded more efficient cars, then more recently.

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Top 100 cars with best Drag Coefficient List of cars with the best drag coefficient. 1 Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX. 0.17. 2 Volkswagen XL1. 0.19. 3 Mercedes-Benz EQE (V295) 0.20. 4 Mercedes-Benz EQS (V297) 0.20. 5 Tesla Model S (facelift 2021) 0.21. 6 Hyundai IONIQ 6. 0.21. 7 Lucid Air. 0.21. 8.

Tamerlane's Thoughts Coefficients of drag of old cars

And despite only offering 25 horsepower from its 764cc two-cylinder engine, the 92 could reach 65 miles an hour, because the body had a drag coefficient of 0.30Cd - some feat for 1949.

Lightyear 0 Will Be The World’s Most Aerodynamic Production Car

It's all about the lowest coefficient of drag with this one. While a car's drag coefficient (Cd) doesn't tell its full aero efficiency story, because you always need to keep the size of its frontal area in mind, it is an important parameter in making a car efficient and fast - but we won't be focusing on that here, as this article is centered solely around the coefficient itself.

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The Formula 1 cars come in at between 0.7 to 1.1, depending on the settings chose by teams for each of the circuits the cars race on. By comparison, the Hummer H2 has a drag coefficient of around.

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The drag coefficient is a common measure in automotive design as it pertains to aerodynamics. Drag is a force that acts parallel to and in the same direction as the airflow. The drag coefficient of an automobile measures the way the automobile passes through the surrounding air. When automobile companies design a new vehicle they take into.

Interior of the GAC ENO.146 the world’s most aerodynamic car with the

Another car with an impressive drag coefficient (0.31) considering it was a short, stubby car, was the Lancia Y10 of 1985, 14 years before the A2. Also from the early 80's was the Renault 25 TS which had the drag coefficient of 0.28. By the way, the photo of the Audi 100 shows the C4 model of 1990-1994.

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10 Tesla Model Y: Coefficient of Drag - 0.23. Tesla. The Tesla Model Y is one of the most popular electric cars on the market, and its aerodynamic design plays a significant role in its success.

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The Cybertruck 's drag coefficient is 0.34, which is great for a truck of this size, even though the Rivian R1T trumps it with a Cd of 0.30. Still, the Cybertruck does much better in this respect.

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Mercedes earlier this year also showed the Vision EQXX concept car with a claimed drag coefficient of 0.17. A low drag coefficient is important for EVs as a lower figure means less energy is used.

Interior of the GAC ENO.146 the world’s most aerodynamic car with the

Lightyear says its 0 solar EV will become the production car aero king, with the lowest drag coefficient ever measured in a production vehicle, just 0.175 Cd. That's considerably better than the.

Lucid achieves Cd of .21, lowest aerodynamic drag coefficient of any

Streamlines: Wind-tunnel operators add small quantities of smoke to the airflow to reveal how the wind moves around, under, or through the test vehicle. Drag Area= 7.8 ft². The Leaf is the.

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It's a lozenge of a car with what Mercedes claims is the lowest drag coefficient—0.20—of any car on sale. That slick bod whips through the air, barely disturbing it, and leads to near silence.

Lucid Air sets record for lowest drag coefficient in latest testing

The Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan, which achieved a drag coefficient of 0.200, is tested in a wind tunnel. A smoke gun, inset, lets aerodynamics engineers see how the wind travels over the car. The next.