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The Wrangler may be Jeep's iconic off-roader, but the XJ-generation Cherokee SUV of 1984-2001 was actually the brand's most influential vehicle of all time.. and kept it in the lineup for another 14 years. The XJ Cherokee was ahead of its time. The best way to understand the revolution the XJ Cherokee wrought is to look at the vehicle it.

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3 Posted June 26, 2013 I'm looking at Jeep XJ Cherokees for a possible build-up and light four-wheeling. Jp Magazine (May 2013 issue) rates used Cherokees from best to worst. Here is their ranking: '98 - '991/2 '00 and '01 with a manual '91-'94 '87-'90 '95-'96 Do others agree with this? Moses Ludel Administrators 4.4k LocationReno Area.Nevada

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The 4.0 engine is great for an original XJ but simply doesnt offer enough power and suffers fuel economy once the Jeep is modified with added weight and larger tires. The reliability of the LS is another advantage over the 4.0.

Why Enthusiasts Love the Jeep Cherokee XJ

0. Here at Davis AutoSports, we offer the nicest, lowest mileage original Cherokee XJ's in the entire country. We have sold 100s of original XJs over the years as our original passion came from finding these amazing Jeeps unmolested and in stock form.

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Among the best year Jeep Cherokee are 2009, 2010, and 2011 in the previous generation and 2015 and 2018 in the later generation.. The second-generation Cherokee, more commonly known as the XJ, is the most famous Jeep model. It is considered to have played a vital role in developing 4x4 SUVs. Given that this generation lasted for seventeen.

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#1 · Feb 10, 2009 Hey all! For the last couple years i have been reading up on wheeling, 4 wheel drives of all shapes and sizes and i'm just about ready to buy a jeep. I just have to get my truck paid off 1st. I have liked the XJ's since I saw them, i know i can get one for a good price but my question is, what is the best year of XJ to buy?

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The Cherokee XJ has gone on to become one of the most iconic 4x4 cars. It is a highly capable on and off-road car, and features simple and timeless styling. The Cherokee XJ was used as the basis for the Jeep Comanche, and was in production until 2001 in North America. Chinese versions of the XJ were built until 2014. Jeep Cherokee - XJ FAQs

Jeep Cherokee XJ Buyer's Guide DrivingLine

$20,255 MSRP Engine The first year for the much-loved 4.0L inline-six engine was 1987. The closed-loop cooling system on the first-run 4.0L is known to be problematic, but can easily be upgraded.

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My XJ is an 01, it runs great, but does have a crap load of cat's, 02 sensors, and the engine light goes on once a year for mysterious miss fires in all the cylinders but, code clears & it passes inspection. Biggest killer of our XJ's is rust. Check under the jeep, behind the rear bumperetts.

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What's the best year XJ : r/CherokeeXJ • 4 yr. ago by Poison78 What's the best year XJ Hey guys just came across this sub reddit and enjoy seeing the XJ alive and well. I currently am looking for an XJ and it seems some folks like certain years better than others. I currently drive an 07 commander with 2.5" body lift as my daily driver.

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Most Cherokees make use of a strong 4.0-liter straight six rated between 1997 and 2001 at 190 horsepower, though a 2.5-liter inline four was standard fare on the base Cherokee SE. A 4-speed automatic transmission is far more common than the 5-speed manual gearbox standard on SE and Sport trim levels. The inline four could be had with a 3-speed.

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#1 · Oct 5, 2005 I'm thinking about buying a XJ for my son to wheel, tinker with, etc. I'm more of a Ford guy, but I know that i have seen several capable XJ's on the trail, so I'm willing to give one a try. Is there a particular year that is more desireable than others? Anything in particular to watch out for? TIA,

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Buying WJ, best year and engine config. We've owned an '92 XJ a while ago and loved the simplicity and reliability of the inline 6 motor. Did a lot of the work myself and although it wasn't without its minor/fixable gremlins, it never left us stranded and easily pushed out to 210K miles.

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by Dannie Watts | Oct 10, 2022 | Grand Cherokee The best year for the Jeep Cherokee XJ is undoubtedly 2000. This was the last year of production for the XJ, and it was also the most refined and well-rounded version of the vehicle.

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Re: Best Year of Jeep Cherokee XJ for ease of lifting, 1995/1996 before the drivetrain changed for most refined, 1999, before the 0331 cylinder head was introduced to the line.

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best year xj to buy Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts H hairball-ZJ Registered Joined Dec 25, 2011 34 Posts Discussion starter · #1 · Mar 29, 2013 Just like the title says. Im looking to buy an XJ, what year should I get? It's going to be a daily driver but will see plenty of hard off road use. I am prepared to sink a bunch into it.