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Nissan isn't what it used to be. Find a trustworthy independent mechanic and learn to do small things yourself to save big bucks, like changing the air filters (engine and cabin), which take a minute to do without tools and are available for cheap. Engine air filter change at Honda dealer: $130. Air filter from eBay: $10, less than 2 minutes to.

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33. SuspiciousMystic. • 5 yr. ago. there is no one place. First place I go is Autotrader, then Carfax and even cargurus. Carmax can help you pick and choose option packages because they put up accurate detail. If you are zero'd in on a make model, I recommend you hit up your local dealers sites.

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3.000 will get you a real pile of shit in the GTA. You are going to need to hand over at least 7-8000 (tax incl.) for a sub-150K KM used car made less than 10 years ago. You will have to set aside a budget of about 500 for the inspections - see if you can get a mechanic you trust to give you a bulk rate.

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I'm currently in a 2016 Chevy Malibu and nearing 180,000 miles. I feel like I really lucked out with this car's reliability as I see so many people have problems with the new Malibus, at least the 1.5. Im leaning towards a Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, or possibly a Subaru Outback with a price limit of around 30k.

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100 ckone1230 • 2 yr. ago Can confirm. My first car was a civic and it lasted to 300K miles, with minimal repairs while I had it. My current car is also a civic and I haven't had to do anything so far, although it is a 2018. The only thing that sucks is that is requires synthetic oil but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. 23 Dry-Neck2539 • 2 yr. ago

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What are the most reliable used cars right now? I've seen the Honda Accord mentioned on this subreddit a lot. Surely there is other reliable used cars though. This would be my first car. I want something reliable that doesn't take too much work.

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People are buying used cars because they are available to drive away right away. Many new cars are on backorder and won't have delivery for weeks or months. If you need a car right now and don't want to wait, then you'll pay the price for used. 8. groggygirl.

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If you buying new or CPO cars, the financing rates are posted on the manufacturers website. Mercedes is offering 0.59% to 1.59% on new car financing. Most used car dealerships will give you 4.9% to 8.9% interest rate based on your credit score. schoonerns.

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My recommendation is a 2010+ Mazda 3 or Mazda 2, 2012+ Hyundai Accent, any Toyota Yaris (typically cheaper used than a Corolla), and potentially go for an older Toyota/Honda (you can definitely find a perfectly fine Civic for $5k, but be aware that 06-09 models had a recall on engine blocks that could fail early, and Corollas are generally aweso.

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Seeing that used cars will cost more in maintenance, I have decided that a new car will be less headaches in the long run. Currently looking at either the Toyota Corolla (comes to about 25.5k CAD after taxes and fees) or Honda Civic (comes to about 31k after taxes and fees). My main thing is it has to be good on gas and reliable.

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What is the best used car website? I am recently in the market for a used car and was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations on which website to use to search for cars. The major sites I know about are craigslist, Carvana, and carmax. Anyone have experience with these sites or any others? I'd love to get some insight. 111 Share Sort by:

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Use Kelly Blue Book (KBB). The pricing information is a really handy tool but most of the time you'll find their prices are inflated to include things like a decent dealer profit etc. You'll always want to go with the cheaper price. If the ad for the car is more than what KBB suggests, show the seller or salesman.

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[Guide] What used car should I get for what budget? Guide 472 354 Share u/sundaysunshine06 • 3 days ago 2013 Ford Fiesta Hello. I just bought a used car on Monday. I absolutely love it. But I had to take it back to the dealership today. Because I cannot pump gas. They called me back saying they have to take apart a pipe to see what the problem is.

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Our top pick for best-value used car in Canada is the Honda Accord, which continues to hold up its reputation as a safe, reliable and spacious people mover.

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1. dano___. • 2 yr. ago. You'll usually get the best cars when buying them from a dealership that sells that brand of new car, like buying a used Toyota from a Toyota dealer. These dealers have first pick from all the used cars being traded in or lease returned, so they get the nicest examples.