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Beard oil works like leave in conditioner, and helps to keep the beard soft and moisturised. It's a must for bikers with beards. 6. Admire the different moods of the beard. I'm still fascinated by the different shapes and forms that a biker beard can take. After a motorcycle ride, Pat's beard is always worth a second look.

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Mutton Chops. Mutton chops are a popular biker beard style characterized by long, wide facial hair extending to cover the mouth's sides. The name "mutton chops" is derived from the fact that this beard style resembles the shape of sheep chops. It became popular in the 19th century and is often confused with a mustache.

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Mar 02, 2012 #4. If its any help I have seen a number of bikers tie a scarf/bandanna around the bottom part of their face under their nose, covering mouth/beard. I am guessing that one solid piece of cloth provides enough wind resistance to push everything down. Also some of the fancy scarves look pretty cool.

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Tie it -- not tightly -- into a ponytail with one or two ties-- then take those off when you're finished the ride. Trick is not too tight so that it puts a "crease" in the beard. Or, if it's long enough, tie it up into a short beard for ride, then let the beast loose when you're not riding. Patrick Beard. 5,365 6.

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Bandana is a fashionable handkerchief that people usually wear on their heads or necks. Bandanas can protect your beard while riding a motorcycle. Take a bandana, fold it like a triangle (V-shape), wrap it under your nose and then make a knot at the back of your head. Sleeves are even simpler.

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Apart from looking tough there are several reasons why male riders might consider growing a beard: A nicely trimmed beard can make you look distinguished, hence their prevalence at the annual Distinguished Gentleman's Ride; They make your face and neck a bit warmer, negating the need for a neck warmer and/or face mask; A beard will protect.

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What to Do With a Long Beard on a Motorcycle? 10 Things to do. 1. Braiding your beard: 2. Use a Bandana: 3. Hair buckle or rubber bands: 4. Tuck it under:

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Give your beard a rinse in the shower, by all means, but don't dry it out by over-shampooing. Too much shampoo will strip the natural oils and make your beard dry. 3. Use gentle shampoo on your biker beard. When you DO go all out and shampoo that furry creature, use a gentle shampoo.

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Try Beard Wraps and Ties! Now, let's talk accessories. Biker beard wraps and biker beard ties are the perfect way to add some flair to your facial hair. They not only keep your beard in place but also add a unique touch to your style. Choose a wrap or tie that complements your beard and personal style, and you're good to go!

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Roughly a 8-10" goatee in spring, use a couple of the small black hair ties to make a braid when I care, put it above the chin curtain & deal with it in the helmet or just let the chin curtain hold it down and back. No matter what I've done I always end up with a shorter, thinner goatee at the end of the riding season.

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Use balm to keep the beard moisturized and it will fare better in the wind, and comb out a bit more once you get off the bike. Also, once your beard approaches OP's length, do yourself a favor and buy a hair pick. Miles better than a comb or brush for getting a fuller look. 2.

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A long beard can make you uncomfortable while riding a motorcycle because of a simple wind flapping the beard in your face. You can secure the beard using helmets, bandanas, braids, paper cords, rubber bands, hair buckles, and beard masks. Beards need to be regularly taken care of to prevent breakage and damage.

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Riders with long beards have come up with several strategies for beard lift. Some plait their beard, some use a series of elastic ties, some tuck it into their jacket. Motorcycle companies have also spent a lot of time researching aerodynamic windscreens to reduce beard lift and buffeting.

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4 Braiding a Beard for a Comfortable Ride. 5 Beads Holding your Beard Tight. 6 Rubber Bands and Hair Buckles will Help. 7 Consider Use Thin Paper Cord. 8 Jackets as a Beard Holders while Riding a Motorcycle. 9 Cover your Beard with a Wrap. 10 Shorter Beard will not Fly Over your Face. 11 Conclusion.

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Try beard balm, or pomade, make sure to brush your beard! I have tried this to no avail, unfortunately. Remove wind screen, wear full face helmet. It's p x funny with the beard sticking out the bottom. I'd prolly tie my beard up with hair ties if it was a safty issue.

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Based on your beard length, you can make a single or multiple braids. Use a hair buckle, bead, or rubber band to secure the braid in position. You can also wear an open helmet and a bandana scarf to secure your beard. You should tuck your beard inside the jacket, bend your chin slightly downward towards the chest, and button it up or down.