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1985 ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA GTV6 GTV6 for sale $51,995 Cars / Unique Cars CALL 0489998537 Revealed in 1972, Giorgetto Giugiaros striking Alfetta fastback wedge design directly resulted from the challenging brief of delivering a replacement for Alfa Romeos successful predecessor being the 105 series car.

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In late 1980 Alfa Romeo coupled the cars excellent handling with its legendary V6 'Busso' engine and the GTV 6 2.5 was born. The bonnet received a bulge to clear the top of the intake and became a defining feature. With Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection replacing carbs, the V6 was easier to start and retain its state of tune.

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The tale of the GTV 6 coupe actually begins with a sedan, the original Alfetta four-door 116-series sedan, a successor to the Giulia Super, which made the 1972 salons with a rear-mounted transaxle and De Dion rear suspension. The car took its name from the rear-transaxle Type 158 and 159 racing cars of yore.

Modern Classic Alfa Romeo GTV6 Grand Prix Classic Driver Magazine

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0 was in production from 1981 to 1987. It was a span when Alfa Romeo was struggling with designing and mechanical flaws that seriously damaged the company's reputation in the market. The Alfa Romeo GT, despite having 2.0-liter and 2.5-lit Giugiaroer engines suffered the same fate.

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1983 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Serie 1 2.5 V6 For Sale Classic Car Service

Alfa Romeo advertised the GTV-6 as "the car you can test drive for the rest of your life," and it wasted no time in getting Alfa some much-needed street cred. It won the British Touring Car Championship in 1983, and a Group A GTV-6 won its class four times in a row (1982-86) at the Tour de Corse (Corsica) round of the World Rally Championship.

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Alfa Romeo GTV6 We don't have any Alfa Romeo GTV6 cars for sale in Australia for sale right now Search Live Cars Browse 5 Alfa Romeo GTV6 in Australia from years 1976 to 1985, priced from $8,500 to $38,000. | my105.com

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Manual. 6 cyl 3.0L. Alfa Romeo GTV V6 , 6 speed , mechanical and interior in good condition. just went over the pits, New battery, Paintwork on roof faded. Beautiful car to drive. $16,000 Negotiable. Bunbury, WA • 59m. Enquire now. 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 Manual Coupe. 108444 km.

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The result was the GTV/6, no more Alfetta badge. Damn the Eighties-rigeur plastic bits: Giorgetto Giugiaro's styling still held up.The famous transaxle still crunched six-speed gears for neophytes.

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The Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5 from the eighties was powered by the fabulous Busso V6 engine, which loved to sing its way to the redline and the car soon became ren.

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The Alfa Romeo GTV carries a lot of tradition within its familiar wedge-shape form. The current Giugiaro-designed two-plus-two coupe, with its rear-mounted transaxle and de Dion suspension,.

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Alfa Romeo's last truly innovative car, the Alfetta GTV 6, oozed luxury and motor sport pedigree. It ticked all the boxes; A classic rear wheel drive experience, something I could occasionally use.

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Desirable classic Alfa coming from long-term ownership: low-kms, mechanically sound. Alfa Romeo's cult classic GTV6 was born of the mid-70s two-door hatchback Alfetta lineage, which began life with a twin-cam 1.8lt which wasn't exactly deemed a huge improvement to the old 105 Series' 2.0lt unit.

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57 Results Sold Reserve not met 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Bid to $16,000 on 11/1/23 3.0L-Powered 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 5-Speed Sold for $21,000 on 9/19/23 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco No Reserve Sold for $20,250 on 6/21/23 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Callaway Twin Turbo Sold for $62,000 on 5/19/23 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Sold for $33,001 on 4/5/23

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1. Engine and Performance The engine of the Alfa Romeo GTV6 is considered to be one of the best engines ever made in the history of cars. The Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 has an aspirated 60-cylinder in a V-longitudinal front-engine, giving a maximum torque of 213 Nm, available from 4000 rpm and a maximum power output=160 PS at 5600 RPM.